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    I nearly pi....d on myself
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    Battle of the Bulge

    Happy New Year to you all and thanks to Buddy's like you Sgtleo, roque, Al, Art and all the others a free one What you wrote about the young men is true this counted for the Luxemburgish youth too. In late 1942 the Gauleiter Simon started conscripting the Lux youth into the RAD (German Labor Service) and the Wehrmacht, when you got your conscription order and you didn't comply then your Parents Brother sister etc. were deported with you! What would you do in such a situation? Well you put on the hated Feldgrau (Fieldgrey) Uniform that's it what you'll do. A lot of the those young men died for the Goddamn Gefreiter in Russia. In 2001 my Dad my Brother myself and Roby, Roby was one of this men who were forced into the Wehrmacht, so we were sitting at the terrace of a bar vis-à -vis the Pegasus Bridge in Normandy drinking some beer and it was already late around 11pm. Normally they never talk about that what they went through (I think that's a big Fault) but Roby told us some of his experiences. He was a Granatrohr Träger (Grenade launcher Pipe Carrier) and always around 400 meters behind the front line in Stalingrad, at day time you could not go out of your trench not even take a look out of it when you did you were dead because of the very effective Russian snipers. If you had too pee you had to do it in the trench, you could get your food and water only at Night. He told us that one day his superior (A real Nazi) didn't watch out and got a bullet right in the back of his Head, Roby said that were a greta relief for him because he was the only Luxemburger in the group and it was always on him to do the bad job and dangerous jobs. One day a grenade fell in their trench and he was wounded in his left calf ( He showed us the wound the calf has only half the size of the right one and was black and he must wear a spezial sock since then) , after he got out of the Lazarett he got a permission to go home for a few days to see his family. After he was back in Luxembourg he went awol he was hidden with other awol's in Lux. City. In the first days of his forced enlistement he went too Nederland by Train and they had to wait several days for their Train to Germany and one day the germans were loading Wagons with Jews and when the last wagon were full of Jews the Germans shot the Jews left on the platform by MG42 I have read a lot of books about WWII over a half dozen about the Camps and the killing of the jews Gypsies etc. to read is one thing but to hear such thing from one who lived it is a completly different thing and I'll never understand why they did that.
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    Born on a Sunday

    Thank you Martin
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    Born on a Sunday

    excuse me to ask but are these Books you're talking about here in german or in english?
  5. rennog

    Stars and stripes

    I have a question, a friend of mine found a Stars and Stripes Newspaper in a Cupboard here in Luxembourg and I borrowed it from him to scan it in, what I did. My question is can I publish it here on this board maybe someone would like to read it? Or should I sent it to you by mail Marion ?? Martin Is this readable?
  6. rennog

    Stars and stripes

    Well this one I scanned in is pure history it laid in a cupboard from the end of the war till now ,and when you touched it you could still feel the Time on it. Merry Christmas to you all.
  7. rennog

    Christmas card

    What a lucky men
  8. rennog

    Photos Albums

    Hyman Josefson first American Soldier killed by germans on Lux ground.
  9. rennog

    Historic Walk Bastogne

    Great Photos!!
  10. rennog

    Stars and stripes

    16.The last.
  11. rennog

    Stars and stripes

    9. The last one for today the rest will follow tomorrow or tonight when I'm back from we'll see. I anyone wants this scans I can sent them by Email each one is around 4.5 mb big and it are 16 scans, just drop me a mail and you get it
  12. rennog

    Stars and stripes

    2. I think this size is better what do you think?
  13. rennog

    Historic Walk Bastogne

    Well I would but I can't get off from work tomorrow maybe then next year.