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    WWII History, M1 Garands, Books about WWI, WWII and everything who interst me.

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  1. rennog

    Happy Birthday Christoph

    A day to late but nonetheless Happy Birthday from old Luxembourg
  2. rennog

    Happy birthday to...

    :happybirthday:Happy Birthday from luxembourg
  3. rennog

    I'm Famous!!

    Hunting with firearms is not "verboten", laws about hunting are different from country to country, here in Luxembourg it'll you take around a year to get your shooting license because you have to go to courses to learn everything about the fauna, then they test your knowledge and make a shooting test & when you pass you get your license to hunt. With this license you're allowed to buy rifle, to get a rifle you go to an arms dealer there if you found a rifle you fill out governemental form, pay a stamp who cost 17€uros (around 20 $), the dealer will send your inquiry form to the Ministry of Justice. Then you will be checked by the governement and if your criminal record is blank you will get your firearm license wich allows you to carry that rifle from home to the hunting place. Night hunting is verboten, handgun hunting is verboten too I own a license for sports shooting (the procedure to get it is the same) wich allows me to carry my long or short gun's unloaded to the shooting range, and every time you want buy a new gun it's the same procedure you send in your old license pay a stamp(17€) and if you're lucky you'll have your new license after 2 weeks. Here in Europe we have strict gun laws but here in Luxembourg we're still lucky I can buy as much guns I want even fullauto guns, in france for exemple you can't buy a military rifle in the original caliber, for exemple an AR 15 in france you'll get it in 222 not 223. The germans have the strictest gunlaws for exemple as an german you already own a 357 mag revolver and you want another one then you've to explicate them why you are in need of a second 357 mag, the same for another rifle in the same caliber. Like I wrote in my previous post be happy to be an American Thanks for the invitation that would be great, I plan to visit my friend Tom next year he lives in new hampshire, I might make it over to albany, we'll see.
  4. Hey Vero that's the unit where my friend Tom father was in! Watch the video till 01:30 minute you see a house with a jeep in front then compare with my photos it's the same house! A bit later you see a sherman and that is opposite to the railway station in Rodange Luxembourg! Thx Vero for this post, Tom send me the dvd some years ago and it took me quite some time to find the House.
  5. Awesome video it's no wonder that they are called the greatest generation! I got this link trough the NRA yesterday and it fits this post like a glove, this great men still could blow your a.. from 1000 yards away :-) and that with over 80 years! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=playe...p;v=MQRpAxGVg4M
  6. rennog

    I'm Famous!!

    Be happy to live in the USA Todd over here it's illegal to Hunt with an Arch, I'm definitely born in the wrong country :-(
  7. rennog

    The Wereth 11

    I knew nothing about those men and never heard about this tragedy, I'll visit this memorial in the next future! God bless those men!
  8. rennog

    Happy Birthday to rennog and netherlands

    Thank you Erwin & Bianca
  9. rennog

    Bastogne anniversary 2010

    Great Photos Frank , if I only think about sleeping in those conditions in a hole in the wood, damn what have they endured . I was in Bastogne the 12 December, do to the commemoration I was stuck for half an hour near the McAuliffe place finally I got a parking place near the railroad station, my boy and myself had a great day and I was happy to see that the Belgian are still celebrating their liberators. We saw running tanks, trucks and we could visit the basement where General McAuliffe had his command post. I've shot a lot of photos to, for those who want can watch them here https://picasaweb.google.com/rennog/Bastogne12122010# Running Sherman https://picasaweb.google.com/rennog/Bastogn...863147594427458 On this photos the reenactors gave candy's to the kids and that reminded me on my dad who told me when I was around 6 or 7 that the Gi's always gave them chocolate and chewing gum Martin
  10. rennog

    No Walk in the Park

    Great link Sgtleo I saw in the nowadays photos that the photographer is Patrick Elie he has an own webside there you can find many more photos and information about D-Day. Here's the link http://www.6juin1944.com/
  11. Dino right from the bar :-) , my father was a great fan of him and I like him very much to, my favortie video is this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9m74urGhPVM
  12. rennog

    Happy Birthday to rennog and netherlands

    Thank you very much M1, Vee and Todd that's very kind of you. Martin
  13. rennog

    Quizz portrait

    Great Album with great Photos Vee