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  1. Stevin

    87th Inf Div book online!

    Cool! That saves me big $$$ on Ebay!!!!!!!! Thanks for this post, Marion!
  2. Stevin

    Hi Jim, thanks for your comment. Little is known about these units. I have some information, though scant, on a Black Infantry unit attached to the 14th Arm. Div.

    Do you have any info on your dad's wartime career???



  3. Hi Jim, thanks for your comment. Little is known about these units. I have some information, though scant, on a Black Infantry unit attached to the 14th Arm. Div.

    Do you have any info on your dad's wartime career???



  4. Stevin

    Stevin's new babies

    Thanks very much guys! Will do Marion! A BIG knuffles! Eden is the same, Mr. kincer. Just looking around her all the time with big eyes. It looks like she's pretty unimpressed with everything going on around her. trying to take everything in.
  5. Stevin

    Papa Art in hospital

    VERY glad to hear this! Good going Papa! Hope that you're up and running very soon! Stevin
  6. Stevin

    Stevin's new babies

    Hi Marion and thank you. Biased as I am I do think they are the cutest in the whole world. Today I got to bring them home and they are settling in nicely. I am making myself ready for th efirst night. Hope all goes well. Yes, it IS time for a few brewskis! I am full of admiration about how your site has grown. It is amazing. A fantastic site! I'll be back when Neale and Eden allow me.....or when they keep me up all night... Knuffles, Stevin
  7. Hi everyone. It has been a LONG time since I visited here. Sorry it took so long, but work (new job), studies (picked them up again) and family life (wife is expecting twins any moment now...) have taken my time and I haven't been able to do much WWII research. Hope you can forgive me Marion! But I am picking that up again and am looking for info on the 74th Engineer Light Pontoon Company. On line I can't find anything at all, so I am hoping people here might know. basically everything I need; What was the history, what unit was it attached to, etc. I am also looking into the only casualty buried in Europe of this unit; Pfc James S. Lukacs, who was killed on 19 May 1945 in a non combat related incident. Any information would be more than welcome! TIA, Stevin PS: WOW! I am a Major! PS2: this topic might have to be moved to another section on the forums here....Things have changed!!!
  8. Stevin

    Books written by veterans

    Very exciting! I am a collector of self published books by veterans. My focus is mainly Europe (ETO) but also have some on the MTO and PTO. A selection of my collection can be found here www.basher82.nl/selfpublishedindex.htm If anyone has some pointers where I could get other, PLEASE let me know!!! It is very much appreciated. Stevin
  9. Stevin

    74th Engineer Light Pontoon Company

    Hi Custerman. Thanks for that. I do believe I found somewhere that early on in the war they were either in the pacific or on the west coast of the US, ready to go to the Pacific. But I am not sure. Information was so scant that I didn't bother recording it. Would perhaps fit in with the unit commemdation in 1942 however.
  10. Stevin

    74th Engineer Light Pontoon Company

    Thanks Marion! It is good to be back. Can't believe how much the site and forums have grown. I hope to remain a regular from now on! I'll keep you posted on all developments!
  11. Stevin

    Sergeant Vincent Consiglio 291st CE

    Thanks!!! I understand you order Col. Pergrin's book (First Across the Rhine). I understand that the Col. is still alive and was the man who remembered William and the bombing!!! Another succes-story, courtesy of the 82nd Engineer Combat Bn gents!
  12. Stevin

    359th General Service Regiment

    GREAT STory Marion! Glad some of the pics found their way home after so many years. A great succes-story!
  13. Stevin

    My articles & book(s)

    Thanks Marion. The same goed for you. In a short while we have become very friendly an able to help eachother. We will keep up the good work. Again, if there is anything I can do.....You know where to reach me.... and indeed;
  14. Stevin

    Sergeant Vincent Consiglio 291st CE

    In all my research, this still strikes me as one of the "oddest" incidents. just imagine the strain on that huge bridge that it collapsed, even while the Engineers were working around the clock to strengthen it.....No less than 28 men lost their lives. Mind you, the Germans tried EVERYTHING to destroy it; Artillery, Bombers, divers with mines, etc... Anyway, I won't hijack this thread any longer....
  15. Stevin

    William S. Todd - 291st Engineer

    Indeed the same gent. I wrote Mr. Hinman about the book I have on the 291st (First Across The Rhine by Col. Pergrin) and he wrote back that that was indeed the Col. (still alive!!!) that he contacted and who remembered William! As I understand the Col. and William's son are now in contact with eachother. The Col. is also a one-time CO of teh 82nd Engineers and came to a renunion where he told in some detail about the particular bombing in which William was KIA! All credits in this should go to mr. Hinman of the 82nd in this!
  16. Stevin

    Marion & National Archive Records

    Oh WOW! Many of these men are buried at Margraten. Can't believe I missed this post and your site! I will definately in contact with you. STevin
  17. Stevin

    Sergeant Vincent Consiglio 291st CE

    The Ludendorff Bridge collapse is very much of interest of me: http://www.basher82.nl/Data/margraten/harlow.htm If anyone has any additional info, please let me know! BTW, I was just contacten by Mr. Hinman of the 82nd Engineers about a William S. Todd. They found out he was with the 291st as well. William was KIA on 26 Dec. 1944 when his unit was bombed by Allied planes. Mr. Hinman contacted the col. of the unit and he remembered William and the incident! regards, Stevin
  18. Stevin

    My articles & book(s)

    VERY glad to hear that Marion! I see why events like these are great motivators. Keep it up. I would be very interested in the fruits of all your labor! I know not many of them saw action in teh Netherlands, but if tehr eis anything I can do, let me know. STevin
  19. Stevin

    Meeting Mr Burgett

    Geez....only just a little jealous!!! Seems they had a great time!
  20. Stevin

    letter from Russ W

    Good luck, Mr. W.! Hope to see you here again soon. Stevin
  21. Stevin

    Checking IN

    Welcome Recon. I am sure you will find this a home away from home.... Wow, that is quite a record. Do you know what unit??? Stevin
  22. So Sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace. A Thankful European.
  23. Stevin

    new member

    Also welcome to these forums from me! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and I look forward to hear about your wartime career too. STevin
  24. Stevin


    Hi Art, Sorry to hear about her passing. I remember the story well when you sent it. I looke dup White Castle Burgers and they are square, aren't they? Can't wait to taste one when I get to the States. Can't get them here. Hang in there in these though times. We'll be thinking of you! Stevin
  25. Stevin

    A Young Life Wasted

    Thanks for sharing, Mr. Cloer. A sad story. What a waste. Warren R. Mc Manus Private First Class, U.S. Army Service # 19015457 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division Entered the Service from: California Died: 22-Apr-45 Buried at: Plot B Row 18 Grave 33 Lorraine American Cemetery St. Avold, France