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  1. Christoph Thanks for posting the photo links of the Blue Spaders at the Nuremberg Trials. I had to stop my research for quite some time and just pulled up this site again. It was a pleasant surprise to see your reply. The photos are very clear. pjo
  2. Commemorative Air Force B-17 Tour

    sure hope you get that ride!
  3. WOW! that's an excellent photo - don't see Dad but must be some additional good quality pix somewhere - I'll keep searching - meanwhile I'm saving this one - best one I've seen yet.
  4. thanks for that information - I seem to remember my mother saying dad was a guard at the Nuremberg Trials and I have been lurking through books to see if I can find his photo there - I recently found a photo of him with the blue spades and the Big Red One patch - also with the Belgium Fourragere so it was after WW2 I would guess - Any ideas where I could find some good photos of the guards at the trial?
  5. Anyone know what US unit/units stood guard at the Nuremberg Trials? I've searched around online many times and find no mention. I have a few books on the trials but the photos are not clear enough to make out any insignia on the guard uniforms.
  6. My father-in-law passed away a year ago today. Ralph W. Lewis Marine Combat Engineer from WV - fought in the Pacific Theater - Tarawa, Siapan,Tinian and Okinawa. Great guy! Loved to tip his glass! We miss him. Here's to Ralph.
  7. Over There....

    What a picture! Sure was a beautiful child and looked so happy to be a part of it all.
  8. Over There....

    my first thought when I saw Babe in the photo was 'good grief he looks like a baby' - that was before I read the names LOL
  9. Malaria in the ETO

    Mr.GSD - sorry if I'm not replying correctly - I'm new to the forum world - I tried to quote but it turned red with a negative sign - until I found this site I didn't even know why people use icons. To answer your question about MI - it's a medical term for heart attack. My mother was a retired nurse so I tend to use some terms she used. We lost her to cancer last year. still struggling with that- I don't remember when he started being ill with malaria but I do remember many times - him in bed for days at a time with chills so bad the the bed actually shook. Mom mentioned it was ongoing after the war but I didn't ask which war. He retired in 1963 and passed away in 1972 - shortly after his 50th birthday. He served in both WW2 and Korea. tk
  10. Malaria in the ETO

    My father served in both WW2 and Korea - he suffered severe bouts with malaria for the rest of his life. I say severe because it sure looked that way to me. Not sure where he picked it up. In fact, shortly before he passed away he was ill with malaria. I don't know if the malaria was a contributing factor with his MI. tk
  11. Goonie Bird with '3 Chicks'

    Great photo!!
  12. A MIND IN PRISON - Bruno Manz

    Dogdaddy - thanks for the heads up I'll make note of that - I order books from Amazon quite often so will avoid that seller - I'm anxious to read this. pjo
  13. A MIND IN PRISON - Bruno Manz

    sorry about that - I added the quote - didn't mean to PJ
  14. A MIND IN PRISON - Bruno Manz

    Amazon.com has the book for $21.95 new and starting at $4.00 for new and used. I'm ordering a copy - sounds very interesting. PJ