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  1. twobisquit

    36th Ike Jacket

    I can't believe I got home late and missed bidding on this great Ike jacket on ebay. I t ended up going for $42!!! This is the second 36th Ike jacket in the last couple of years on ebay that had a 10th Armored patch on the other sleeve. Dad said they were fueling up tanks for Patton when they got called back to the Bulge. I think his Ike jacket had a 3rd Army patch on it if I remember right. Any way it was a size 36 r ( same as Dad's) and It might have fit me in junior high school.
  2. I received word last week of the passing of former 36th Engineer, Joe Medina. Joe went through the European Campaign with my Dad, Francis "Combat " Stephens. I first heard from Joe in early 2007 and we had many great conversations over the years and I really feel honored to call Joe my friend. Chris Stephens, twobisquit" Here is a write up Joe Medina Jr. prepared for a proclamation he is to receive from the city of Los Angeles. Joe G. Medina was born on April 6, 1925 in Los Angeles, California. He died at his home in Monterey Park on September 18th, 2014. He is survived by his wife Stella, his children Joe, Vivian, Martha and Susie and 7 grandchildren. Joe lived in the Los Angeles area his entire life. As a Depression Era child he learned the importance of hard work, perseverance and family. These early life lessons formed the core of his being and would become the values by which he would live the rest of his life. In 1943 Joe enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served until the end of WWII when he was honorably discharged. As part of the “Rugged” 36th Engineer Combat Regiment, Joe participated in the North Africa Campaign, Battle of Sicily, as well as conflicts in Anzio, Southern France and Germany. He received various commendations and citations for his service including the Purple Heart for wounds sustained in Italy and France. While only serving 2 years in the U.S Army, these years would ultimately have a profound and life changing impact on his life particularly in his later years. On June 20th, 1948 Joe married Stella Reza and the two remained married for 66 years until his passing. Joe held various jobs but will always be known to his family as a master cabinet maker and craftsman. In his long and successful woodworking career he rose to the level of plant superintendent at some of the Los Angeles’ premier wood crafting businesses. Many of his projects were featured in movies and television. While Joe had many interests he only had one passion…his family. Every decision he made, every penny he saved, every life lesson he taught were all rooted on preserving and enhancing the integrity and strength of the family unit. He was a beloved husband, father and grandfather. As the patriarch of the family he was also a mentor, a confidant, a friend and a role model. He led by example. Even while he was battling numerous medical ailments, it was never about him but always about the family. He clearly was at his best when he was surrounded by all his grandchildren. Joe was not a classically educated man. You will never find a street named for him. He can never claim to have invented a disease busting vaccine or providing a philanthropic gift that helps end world hunger. But Joe, like thousands of other hard working Angelino men and women of his era that suffered though poverty, discrimination and war, was able to instill values of hard work, perseverance and family to his children and grandchildren. He never asked for thanks nor ever considered himself a victim. He was a survivor and he was our hero.
  3. twobisquit

    Google Earth

    I had a chance to look at Sandy's file on the Company C bivouacs and thought about plotting a few of the locations on Google Earth. I have only spent about an hour plotting "Placemarks" and dates but WOW!! The panaramio feature has hundreds of photographs of each of the areas and I have the opportunity to view some of the actual buildings my Dad saw. Google Earth is one of the great resources of the internet and best of all it is free. I use it quite often for mapping and there are a lot of fun and useful features
  4. twobisquit

    Memoribilia and Collectibles

    I thought it would be fun to see everyones favoritescollectibles and memoribilia. I bet that this group has some really great stuff. Besides, it gives us a chance to show off a little and practice our photography skills Here's one of mine;This canteen belonged to FW Stephens. Heengraved it with the bayonet tip. I hilighted it with a black pen so it would show up better
  5. I saw the Chrysler commercials about the "comeback of Detroit", during the Superbowl and it reminded me of some of their previous comebacks. I had been to the Grande Ballroom a couple of times and was awestruck by the its beauty and the incredible dance floor. Someone had posted some recent pictures and it was sad to see. Looks like a war zone Also came across a couple great Youtube videos of Bob Seger and the Last Heard
  6. Great stuff. Its funny that I had just run across some stories about the Greystone, Grande, and other ballrooms in the area.
  7. twobisquit

    The 36th on Fox News page

    Gosh, I thought they were all back here. They are one busy outfit. I guess they always have been and always will be
  8. twobisquit

    Remembrance Day 11/11/2010

    The snow is flying here today so the flag is not flying but my thanks to all that served. Chris
  9. I have been busy as all get out lately but it seems that every once in a while something reminds me to come here and spend a little time catching up. Our local newspaper runs a weekly profile on one of our local WW2 veterans and they are all very well done and moving. This one was especially moving since it was very much identical to my Fathers experience as related to me by Joe Medina. Click on the link below- http://trib.com/special-section/news/histo...f8f4e37d44.html
  10. twobisquit

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    Well Marion, It's been almost six years since I found your website and called up Dad to let him about it. A lot has happened since I signed on and I don't have the words now to tell how I felt about reading the news today. I wish I could have been a little more help because I know how hard it was at times but any way,you know I was behind you all the way and I just want to say, you did good for the guys. Essayons Chris
  11. Pam Murphy, Mrs. Audie Murphy passed away recently. A great avocate of vets and known as their guardian angel. http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_14885262
  12. twobisquit

    Mrs Murphy

    It's always good to hear about someone like this now days.
  13. twobisquit

    Joye Kating

    Awhile back, I posted some pictures of the murals in the officers club in Casper Air Base, which, thanks to Joye Kating, is now the Wyoming Veterans Museum. I also related the story oof how the 80 year old Mrs. Kating booted out a teenage boy for saying the holocaust was a bunch of lies. In today's Casper Star Tribune is a profile of Mrs Kating, now 87 years old. I posted this in the Home Front for the great picture of her with what looks like a very big sixgun. Here is the link to the Star Tribune article. http://www.trib.com/special-section/news/h...58c98b58c6.html
  14. twobisquit

    Joye Kating

    I first met her about 10 years ago during a Street Reconstruction Project where she runs an electrical supply business with her son Frank. It turned into an hour and a half visit as she showed me one of her many scrapbooks and told me about her museum project. It took several more years but she finally got the funding from the state legislature. It has been a great privilege to know suh a fine lady. Chris
  15. twobisquit

    Buchenwald Liberation

    My brother and I recently spoke about the things our Dad told us about Buchenwald and I've been thinking a lot about it lately. I came across a 10 minute documentary that I thought was pretty good. http://vimeo.com/4117759
  16. They certainly impressed my Dad and Joe Medina at Velletri. Both guys spoke a lot of them
  17. twobisquit

    Nadal Malik Hasan

    I think the tragedy at Fort Hood has been especially tough on us all due to our connection but this just about sent me over the top. This guy was having a great time on the morning of the shooting. Excuse me while I throw up.
  18. twobisquit

    Attending 101st Luncheon - 11-15-2009

    Yep. That figures. Just one more of those strange coincidences that bring us all together as the Combat Engineer family. I contributed to the museum and iff you dont mind....please check the propeller in the museum to see if they spelled my Dad's name correctly. The museum is mostly US military uniforms and it is an impressive collection.
  19. twobisquit

    Attending 101st Luncheon - 11-15-2009

    I just remembered. You should stop at the Veterans Museum at the American Legion in Oxford. Post 109 Walter Frasier. This is the post that was co-founded by my Dad.
  20. twobisquit

    Nadal Malik Hasan

    The blood pressure went up a few notches with that link. It drives me nuts to hear all the excuses coming out for this guy. Especially the one that he he suffered from PRE- post traumatic stress.
  21. twobisquit

    Attending 101st Luncheon - 11-15-2009

    Gee Marion, I am guessing you will be meeting at Kalloways or Red Knapps. I had my class reunion at Kalloways and my parents always took us to breakfast there. Our family farm is about 2 miles north of there and my brother Larry still lives in town. Oxford is no longer the sleepy little village that I grew up in. I cannot imagine how cool it is to have lunch with Don and George. Have a great time. Chris
  22. twobisquit

    540th A CO

    It seems like there is still a lot of Sons Daughters and grandkids out there. And it's great that they find their way here.
  23. twobisquit

    An uplifting letter from an engineer

    I would not mind shaking the hands of all three of those gentlemen
  24. Here is a couple Items "liberated" by the 36th.The flag is hand stitched and found hanging in an abandoned post office.The braided fringe is gold colored I only know the cap was once worn by an officer.
  25. twobisquit

    A couple Items liberated by the 36th Engineers

    Thanks bas timmers. I seem to remember my Dad said that it was Air Force. There was also a dagger that I think he got from the same guy. Chris