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  1. My Grandfather served in A Company of the 283rd and I hope perhaps I can meet some other families of these vets so that we can keep their memories alive ... as well as their accomplishments under the worst of conditions.
  2. 283rdCombatEngineers

    283rd Engineer Combat Battalion (Grandson)

    Not working on research so much, as seeking people who are equally proud of what their parents and grandparents accomplished, and to share memories and stories. But it seems that the place you have built here is an ideal forum ... no pun intended. Thank you
  3. 283rdCombatEngineers

    Camp Butner NC engineer units. Trying to research

    Not to revive dead threads, but the 283rd Engineers were not only a Combat Engineer Battalion (Not just an Engineer Battalion as noted herein) but also trained at Camp Butner. I have a couple of memoirs from my Grandfather who served in A Company I can scan and send in. Tragically, I lost most of it when we lost our home here in a storm, but I still have dog tags I can scan ... one of his dog tags. Would it serve any purpose?