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    Signs in Belgium

    I just was hoping everyone here in this forum would be so kind as to check out a website I have started. I would Love some feedback because we just started. Our goal is to educate using History. One of our main focus' is to interview veteran's so their story will be saved. Just take a look if you would be so kind. E-mail me or leave some comments on the site. Historydocumented.com I also Posted my finished Roman Frankowski Article that finsished. Because many of you on this forum helped out a bunch by pointing me in the right direction. Thank You! sincerely Chris Wulf
  2. I just want to give an update since everyone here went out of their way to help. You all deserve a Big Thank You because you all pointed me in directions in which to go. Well I Just received 200 pages of info on the 692nd CA AA B. ( Coastal Artiliary Anti-Aircraft battery) made up of 73 men. And of course one of my main Subjects Roman Frankowski. Well It turns out He was there when the battery was activated in June 42' at Camp Hulen, and then trained at Fort Bliss, TX. Anyhow I was able to trace where he was during his war. Landed in North Africa ( French Morocco). Was in Mehdia Plage on Nov. 17th 42'. Then Port Lyantey until Dec. 20th. He then was moved to Tebessa , Algeria. They relieved battery B of the 105th CA Bn. So I will take it that is where he was killed Jan 16,43. 1 day after a letter was sent confirming the 692nd was part of the new 5th Army. They were attached with the 9th Infantry until March 1943. SO thats that so far, I have much more to do. Just wanted to give you a quick update. If anyone has any idea how to contact former veterans...PLEASE!!! I have lists of names.... but the 692nd does not have any reunions or anything. Bad News: VFW Post 5530 named in Honor of Roman will be sold by the end of the month. The future looks grim. So I am busy trying to preserve what history they have left. But they don't seem to care to much. We'll see. Thanks again guys. Chris Toledo,Ohio
  3. oh by the way here is a picture of Pfc. Frankowski in service. It is the Once only known picture of him... which hangs at the VFW Post 5530 Just thought those of you helping me so much would enjoy it. Thanks Chris
  4. Larry Thank You so much!!! I can't tell you how much this helps. It seems like everyday I get closer to writing a full article. Thank You for the Background info... That really helps..it gives me a story to set a background. I also have an artist who will be working on a painting for me. So knowing where it was where he may have died...or where exactly he was before he died will help. I need to try and contact so former classmates.... i will do that in the afternoon. Thank You again everyone.
  5. PFC. Frankowski was 33 when he died. I have the numbers of 2 people from the class of 1927 still living. I will call them next week because I am heading out of town. Now I am trying to find out what happened from Jan. 11-16 1943. On Jan 11th the 692nd became part of the 5th Army so I have been told. I must have overlooked that, or forgotten because the first action wasn't until i think April or May. ok i forgot because I was looking for action. 5th Army attached is a picture of Roman " Bud " Frankowski as a Senior at Toledo Central Catholic High School 1927 Also the house he grew up in with about 7-10 family members and Photo I took of his resting place.
  6. Thank you so much. I order one book you suggested. I also e-mailed your contact. I also contacted people at the high school he graduated from..( which I also graduated from.... hoping to find living class mates..... they would be all be near the age of 100 so my hopes are not high. Thank you so much again... I will update you as often as anything new comes up. I of course will send my final product when this is all finished.
  7. HI Everyone! Great to be a member. I did a google search on the 692nd Coast Artillery Battery (Anti-Aircraft) (Automatic Weapons) (AB) 5th ARMY I found this site, and it was mentioned. Everyone seems to be here to learn or research. Well I am trying to Publish an article for The Toledo History Museum in Ohio. I am doing research on a the first Toledo Ohioan Killed in WW2. I know he died Jan. 16th 1943. But there was not much noted action in North Africa at that point. I sent for military records but i guess they were all destroyed in a fire in the 70's. His name was Roman " Bud" Frankowski. It there are any documents supporting action during early Jan. 1943. I have looked at the national archives online... local archives here in the city etc. I just want to know how he died... or have an idea of the kind of action he was involved in. I have been unable to find any living family.. .. other than a great newphew ( trying to find his phone number). There is a VFW named after him, but they know very little. The history of this man is with people who have already passed on. My next step will be to contact reunions and see if anyone knew him. Please if anyone can help please e-mail me... or respond. Thank you so much.