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  1. dwl


    Hello Marion, Thank you again for your help! Was wondering, do you know of a place where I could order this insignia? I have tried Dover Army-Navy Store and they do not have it. Sincerely, Dwl
  2. dwl


    THANK YOU Marion!!! I would never have found this information (and I've been looking a long time!) So very much appreciated! My husband just found this old photo of his dad's (Rudy) company. I have also viewed the photo from Mr. David Baker - it is of the 363D but the one I have is different. My father-in-law is not seen in Mr. Baker's photo. There is no identifying information on the photo. We have found Rudy - he is front row seated, 7th from the left.
  3. dwl


    Oh - how funny! A seahorse! Well, I guess an elephant isn't that far-fetched! Hope soon will be able to confirm/deny this patch. Thank you!
  4. dwl


    Thank you Randy and Marion - your time is much appreciated! I've decided that the patch/crest was probably not their's, as I don't think they had elephants in the Middle East! I did find a gentleman who said a PGS patch was a general one for the Military stationed in the Persian Gulf. I am attaching a picture. Again, thank you!
  5. dwl


    Hello! My father-in-law was a member of the 363D Engineer Special Services Regiment during WWII. I am finding it very difficult to find any kind of unit insignia / patch for his regiment and may indeed not know exactly what to look for. Based on his discharge papers, I have identified his badges and medals and the red and white patch with the "castle" on it. But in some of my researching, I have seen a patch with an elephant on it and the words "ALLONS NOUS" and a notation calling the group "San Francisco's Own," although I can find nothing to do with San Francisco and his service. Would also love to find out what, in particular, his particular regiment was involved with in the Persian Gulf. Thank you!