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Rick Peltonen

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    Rick Peltonen got a reaction from Walt's Daughter in 207th Combat Engineers son   
    Hello all
    First off, thanks for this great site! Alot of great information.
    I am the son of 207th Co A Combat Engineer John Peltonen who served 1943 -1945 in Europe. 
    His occupation specialty was Utility Repairman 121
    He is from Rock Michigan.
    I have his Enlisted Record and Report of Seperation. I was able to request and recieve his service medals.
    These are the only pictures I have of him while serving in the Army.
    The first picture is my Dad on the left boxing with another soldier.
     The back of the photo says:
    "Campout side of Spa, Belgium fall of 1944  R&R
     Norman Snead  Louisa, Virginia.(Name of the other soldier)
    Second picture is my Dad and "PFC Mike Kovacich Co H&S 553rd Engineers Hu.Pon.Bn from Niagra Falls NY
    Picture was taken October 1943 Austin Tx" when they were training at Camp Swift Tx.
    Third picture is my Dad on guard in Frankfurt Germany 1945, taken a week before sailing for the U.S.A 
    Dad wasn't much of a talker, he didn't talk about his time in the Army until late in his life and then not much detail.
    Looking to find what he and his platoon went through during his service.