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  1. John Cherry

    The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    I am ecstatic to find that the reenactment community is finally recognizing the Engineer Amphibious units! I look forward to seeing more from this Unit in the future. If I can help them in any way, I will do so.
  2. John Cherry

    Cape Cod Military Museum

    Hello, My name is John (Jack) Cherry. I am an unofficial Internet sleuth for the Cape Cod Military Museum, I am disabled and spend a lot of my time tracking down the Military History of Cape Cod. One of focal points is the Engineer Amphibious Command formed at Camp Edwards, on 15 June 1942. We are in search of accounts, photographs and memories of any and all of those that spent time on Cape Cod, as part of their Military service, in this or any other Commands here. In my short time here as a member, I have found a lot of material and am very thankful to M-1 for accepting me as a member and providing a great site to utilize in my search for information.
  3. John Cherry

    Cape Cod Military Museum

    Marion, it is I that would be honored to have you post my review! I look forward to assisting you in any way possible. I have an e-mailed Cape Cod Museum Newsletter that I want to share with you. I will send it to you for your interest. We are on Facebook (Cape Cod Military Museum) and are online (WWW.capecodmilitarymuseum.org). We share our Museum with the Bourne Historical Society here in Bourne, MA (right on the Cape Cod Canal).
  4. John Cherry

    Cape Cod Military Museum

    Hello Marion, I received my copy of "No Bridge too far", in today's mail. I just finished viewing it a few minutes ago and have one word to describe it. MAGNIFICENT! You are totally amazing. All of your work in assembling every detail has my darn near speechless. I spent most of today in Fall River, MA at Battleship Cove. They have an LCM there on shore that I went onto and took several photos of. The LCM (Landing Craft Mechanized) was what the Amphibious Engineers used to transport Tanks or Trucks to shore from the transports. They were also used with the early Landing Craft Personnel (LCP) and the Landing Craft Personnel Ramp (LCP-R of LCPR) that preceded the Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) that were built by the Higgins Boat Company in New Orleans, as well as many other boatyards all over the USA. We have a WWII DUKW Amphibious Truck at our Museum and they have one as well. I made some really good contacts there, which I will be working with, on future projects, beneficial to both Battleship Cove and the Cape Cod Military Museum. I have been going over all of the links that you posted here for me and cannot thank you enough. You have put faces and identities to the brave men like you Father, that trained and served overseas during WWII. As you know, many people today do not know of the Engineers pr their service. Like you, I see it as my mission to help to educate people as to the service and sacrifices that men like your Father made during WWII. Their story needs to be promoted as you know. I can't wait to see your next installment of their story and look forward to contributing to it in any and all ways that I can. Thank you again, Jack
  5. John Cherry

    Camp Edwards 1940-1945

    I certainly meant no disrespect. I understood that this was an older post but, thought that I could contribute an "update" on the status of "Joint Base" Cape Cod, as it is now known as.
  6. John Cherry

    Camp Edwards 1940-1945

    With all due respect, Camp Edwards STILL exists. US Army National Guard training is still done there. There is a Mock Village that is used for training as well a a Forward Operating Base (FOB) located there as well. In regards to the Jets having to come from NJ is concerned, the Otis ANG F-15's were moved to Barnes Field in Western MA, where they continue to provide coverage for New England and New York. The ANG still has a sizeable presence on the base. There is an "Open House" held every other year. The next one will be during the year 2019.
  7. John Cherry

    Cape Cod Military Museum

    Oh My Gosh! Where do I start to thank you for all of this information! I had both eyes dilated this afternoon and then had eye surgery at 4 PM. So, things are a bit blurry right now. I am VERY excited to go through all of the postings that you put up here. Tomorrow, I will be up early to dive into this information. I purchased your DVD. I also tried to call you using the number,which didn't go through. (Not a problem).I am so energized by these postings. I also have some ideas about utilizing your production company in the future. I will post more, very soon, re things that I have found and what you have posted here. Again, Thank you very much!
  8. There are two Lafayette Escadrille Pilots buried in Bourne, Massachusetts. I will post more on them as I uncover their information.
  9. John Cherry

    Cape Cod Military Museum

    Hello Marion, I hope that this note finds you well. I am still in search for any photographs, literature or any connections to Camp CANDOIT, in Cotuit, MA 1942-1945. We are doing a presentation for the Historical Society of Cotuit. I am also interested in your video as well. Thanks in advance, Jack Cherry
  10. John Cherry

    Cape Cod Military Museum

    Hello Marion. I am most appreciative of anything that you may find to assist me in this endeavor! You have really done a Yeoman's work in bringing the History of the Engineers in WWII. Your Father's Service Hostry is very interesting, just as your story of how you explored your Fathers Service is.. Many Thanks, Jack