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  1. NormsSon

    2756th ECS

    Hey Larry, Thanks for the information. This is something new for me to add. I was especially taken with the reunion information. Sure enough, right there was my dad's unit, the 2756th, along with all the others in his group. Unfortunately, dad has passed away but I'm sure he would have been excited to see the information about this reunion. Heck, if he had known about it, I might have been able to talk him into going as he was still alive and doing pretty good in 2001. Especially since it was in Tulsa and he lived in central Arkansas. Not far at all really. I appreciate you sending this on to me. I will have some information to post soon that I have come up with. I'm waiting on a response to a letter I sent to the V.A. Hopefully, they will be able to provide me with something new. If not, I will post what I have and go from there. Thanks again Larry (NormsSon)
  2. NormsSon

    2756th ECS

    Whoa Marion! You provided me with the first solid evidence when you gave me the link to the 101st Calvary. Found the reference to the 2756th on the SAAR River and read from there. But sure enough, dad's unit was there. Considering that this was in Feb 44, I'm reasonably comfortable that he was too. I also recall him mentioning the Saar River at one time. He also mentioned Bavaria and the history you provided goes on to talk about that part of the world. Thank you so much! I would have never thought to search the site you did. Obviously your years of experience gives you ideas of where to look. I've Googled 2756th ECS but did not run across this link. I guess I should have added more detail to the search. Is this site part of Florida State (FSU)? Contact the Corps of Engineers! So obvious that I might have thought of that.... Eventually. I like their price too. Yep, let's see what the VA provides and then see where we stand. What you gave me will keep me going for a while. I appreciate this SO much. Larry
  3. NormsSon

    2756th ECS

    Hey Marian, I sent a letter to my local VA this morning as you suggested. The NARA intrigues me too. The information you received sounds like the very type thing I would like to have. I know from looking at some of the info you've posted on your dad that my dad had to have been nearby. They weren't in the same unit obviously but the same neighborhood certainly. Any suggestions as to what I need to request from NARA other than the things you mentioned in your post? Especially since I'm not sure exactly what unit my dad was in, say for instance, when he was in North Africa. All I know for certain is the unit he was in at the end of the war and that's the one that started this thread. As I mentioned in one of my earlier messages, I think, dad said his unit had it's name/designation changed several times so the ending name is all I know of for sure. That is certainly one of the reasons I'm trying for the medical records, if they exist, so I might be able to find out some other unit designations. Of course, I suppose it's always possible that the NARA will have something on the one unit I know for sure and that might leave a trail for me to follow from end to beginning so to speak. One other question too. When I request the info from NARA do they send me a notification of what they have found and how much it will cost? I think the answer is yes based upon some of the information I've read on your site but I thought I'd ask. Seems like I read that you or someone else hired someone to go to NARA and copy vast quantities of information. I'll keep plugging along and keep you posted on my progress. Larry
  4. NormsSon

    2756th ECS

    Thanks for the reply Marian. I will do as you suggest and contact the local VA first. I saw your links to the National Archives and I will try that route if I fail to have any luck locally. Thanks for the welcome and thanks for your kind offer of help. I suspect I'll need it. Larry
  5. NormsSon

    2756th ECS

    Hi Theron, OK, the National Office it will be. You are saying that if my Dad ever used the V.A. anywhere they should have a record, even as far back as the 1940's. That would be a real break. I really don't know if he ever used them or not but he could have when I was much too young to know I suppose. I know he didn't in his later years even though he could have. Sure no harm in asking. What do I request and what can I expect? I looked the the National Office site briefly and it looks like they are saying to send my request to St. Louis. No need to do that since I've been down that road. Do you recall the forms you submitted? Or, if you can point me in the right direction, I'll find the correct form. Sorry to be a bother. Thanks, Larry
  6. NormsSon

    2756th ECS

    Hi Marion, Thanks for your comments too. I look forward to your more later. So you guys are saying is that I should contact the local V.A. and not the national office? I can do that. Is the best way to just call them and tell what I'm trying to do? They will probably be familiar with this type request. Larry
  7. NormsSon

    2756th ECS

    Thanks for the advice Theron. I will try the V.A. and see if they can provide any help. Larry
  8. NormsSon

    2756th ECS

    I'm looking for information regarding the 2756th ECS during WWII. This was the my dad's, Norman Stobaugh, unit when he was discharged in August of 1945. He once told me many years ago that this unit had changed names several times during the course of the war but of course I didn't write them down and now it's too late. I'm interested in anything that anyone may have. My Dad would not talk much about anything that he experienced during the war so any information I have is very sketchy. I've searched this site and found some interesting references that may or may not fit. I just can't be sure. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by all the information found. It just seems it would be a simple matter to simply backtrack from his ending unit through all of it's name changes during the course of the war but obviously nothing is that easy. I know he was involved in the invasion of North Africa at the port of Oran. From the copy of his Form 53-55 I received from the Army, I know that he was involved in the following battles/campaigns..."Algeria-French Morocco, Tunisia, Naples-Foggia, Central Europe, Rhineland and North Apennines. *Rome-Arno" From his uniform patches I know at some point he was in the 6th Corps and finally the 7th Army. I've contacted the Army records center in St. Louis in an attempt to get copies of his file and of course I received the form letter advising me that his records were destroyed in the fire they had several years ago. Sigh.... Any information at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Larry Stobaugh