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  1. langsdon

    Company C of the 342nd Engrs

    Thanks so much to Marion and Colin. I'm learning so much. The information coincides with dad's stories of where he went after they arrived in France. I was just a child but remember the names of the ports they worked on once I saw them in print.
  2. langsdon

    Company C of the 342nd Engrs

    Thank you!
  3. My dad was in the 342nd Engineers Company C. His name was Royal Burdette Langsdon. Does anyone have any photos or information that might include him? Thanks, Phillip
  4. langsdon

    Company C of the 342nd Engrs

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. My dad was in Company C of the 342nd Engrs in the European Theater of Operations. I have his battalion group photo, jacket, and discharge papers. I've attached the photo that I think is from Camp Robinson, Arkansas 1943 Was wondering if anyone has any photos or information on Royal Burdette Langsdon. Thanks, Phillip