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    WW1 US collecting, family.

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  1. jjdevi1

    Howdy From Baltimore

    Hi All, I stumbled on this site while doing research on my father's WW2 Engineer unit. As far as collecting/researching goes, I'm mostly a WW1 US guy. The only WW2 that I research are family members. As for me, I'm a retired Army CW04 (352C). Did two tours in Vietnam, one as a combat infantryman, and one as a combat medic. Did 30 years in the Army, then went to work for DoD. Retired from both now. Married (40 years, God, has it been that long? LOL) Two grown sons, the eldest just retired from the USAF.
  2. jjdevi1

    405th Engineer Water Supply Battalion

    Here is the roster for CO B 405th Engineers. This is/was a very small company. I was used to about 240 guys per company, then again, I was Infantry. John
  3. jjdevi1

    405th Engineer Water Supply Battalion

    My father was a SSG in CO B, 3rd platoon in this unit. If anyone is interested, I have CO B's roster and will scan them in. As far as I know, there wasn't a unit history published. John