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  1. Just wanted to say "hi" and express my thanks for allowing me into the site. My name is Mal Callahan from Hendersonville, NC. My grandfather, Jennings Bell, passed away six years ago but only recently have I found some his Army records. His discharge papers state he was with the 342nd Engineer General Service Regiment, Company B.(Enlisted April '42/ discharged May '45) A google search has, fortunately, led me to this group. He would never discuss with me his time during the war, and I would greatly appreciate any info involving his unit. Along with his papers, there were several photos that I will post in the next few weeks. Most of these photos have several men, but no ID's noted on the back. Again, many thanks for your help.
  2. Mr. Abraham, Would you mind checking your dad's files for a William Jennings Bell (went by Jennings)? He was in the 342nd, company B. I recently found some pictures and will post them as soon as possible. Most of the pics have several men in them, but no identification noted on the back. Thank you!