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  1. rdumaire

    Interview Questions for the 540th

    Marion: Just wanted to check out this link to see if it might be useful to have my family members try and fill it out. The link seems to be broken...can you email me a copy? Thanks robertdumaire@hotmail.com
  2. rdumaire

    540th Newbie

    Marion: Like I said in email, I will try open up my schedule for the reunion, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to make it due to my school schedule. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Ballantine Books' "Illustrated History of WWII" series, but "Battle Book No. 15" is on Anzio. It covers the operation from a very broad perspective- it never mentions specific units, but mentions VI Corps frequently. That's why I'm engrossed in your website & really looking forward to a book from you: stories that are little more close to home. Your article in WWII magazine is a perfect example of that, and it's exactly along the lines of the info I'm searching for here! If you don't have "Anzio: The Bid For Rome", I just checked eBay- you can get it for under $10. My grandfather collected just about everything published on WWII through the 60's and 70's, yet I find myself constantly referring back to this one book because of all the illustrations & maps! I also had a question: I had never heard of it until seeing your site, now I see it everywhere- what does your father's company, H&S, stand for? Rob duMaire
  3. rdumaire

    540th Newbie

    Hello! I'm the grandson of Paul DeMaio, 2nd Battalion 540th Engineers, C Regiment, F Company. Since he passed away in 1977, I never got to learn much about his experiences. Had he been around longer, I'm relatively certain he would not have talked about them either. This means that I don't have any stories to exchange with anyone, just some memories of a pretty cool guy smoking Pall Malls, working as an engineer at Westinghouse, and who would occasionally take his wife to nearby Pittsburgh to meet with a fellow 540th engineer (if you here, let me hear!). I'd like to hear from anyone who can shed light on the movements, actions & engagements of F Company. Thanks to Marion, my contact info can be found on the site under Newsletters - VI Corps Engineeers - VI Corps Vets & Family Addresses. Feel free to contact me; if you'd like, you can email your number and I'll contact you so I'll foot the bill! Finally, no thanks could be enough for Marion's efforts. Since finding her site, I've gone from zero to having a library at my disposal! And by looking at these boards, it appears she has the VI Corps family growing! Cheers, Rob duMaire El Paso, TX