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  1. I have been trading E-Mails with a gentelman who's dad was in the same outfit as my Uncle George while building the AlCan highway. Company A 341st Engineer Regiment. I looked his name up in my Mom's Unit History books from both Alaska and Europe and his name is in both books and is listed as being in Company A. My friend's name is Russell Kvistad and he says his dad was with the 38th Engineer Special Brigade when they landed at Normandy. Could he have been on loan or something? My friend is trying to find out what he can about his dad's time in Europe. Can anyone shed any light on the 38th Engineer Special Brigade? As always I will appreciate it. Parker
  2. I join you in mourning the passing of Mr. Furtado. I read his journal and like others I have met from the Gretest Generation he was humble and every bit a hero in my eyes. I join the others in asking God to comfort the family in their time of sorrow. Parker
  3. I have always been a history buff and am especially interested in the Great Depression and WW 11. I knew my Uncle George was killed in the war and from what Mom said he was killed on some bridge in Germany. You see I now know that my Uncle was a proud member of the 341st. Engineers General Sv Regt. Company A and helped build the AlCan highway. Once that project was finished he got to come home on leave before undergoing more training and being sent on to England. He came ashore in France at Normandy a couple of weeks after D-Day and was traped in the Battle of the Bulge for a time. At the time of his death he was helping make repairs to the Ludendorf Bridge at Remagen on March 17, 1945 when the bridge fell into the Rhine. His full name is was George N. Chandler from Texas he was a Tec 5 and his service no. was 38079495. His body is burried in Holland. Just before Christmas last year I made contact with Mr. and Mrs Oberbeck. Mr. Oberbeck was a Captain and my Uncle George's Company Commander from Alaska to Germany. All I can say is wow. Mr. Oberbeck is 90 years young and as sharp as a tack. He and his wife are just great people and I have enjoyed our converstations. If anyone has any information or would just like to chat I would be happy to hear or to help in any way. Thanks for your time, Parker [/b][/color][/size][/font][/font]
  4. October...we are planning a trip to South Carolina In June. When do you rotate Capt O? Parker
  5. I'm in. Have RV can travel. Parker
  6. Good golly Miss Molly! Wouldn't we enjoy looking this Bad Boy over for a few years. it would probably take that long too. Parker
  7. parker

    Castle Courier Newsletters

    This is what we had in Saigon before going on to Da Nang. No privacy and it was a fearful sight early in the morning trying to shave in the same little room. Once we got to Da Nang we had wooden ( out houses ). In the 4 and 6 holer design. Splinters were always a problem. Parker
  8. parker

    Video - A Soldier Died Today

    Dang Marion...... Parker
  9. What a great idea!!! How do I get the bucks to you? Check cash etc. Parker
  10. This was/is just great. I have wanted to visit the museum but after seeing this I am thinking this year. Thank you for sharing. Parker
  11. That's pretty good Capt. O. In my case it helped to have a good 1st Sgt. In my corner after I did get caught. Parker
  12. parker

    Anzio Beachhead Newsletters

    Now that would be something alright.
  13. parker

    Anzio Beachhead Newsletters

    I am with you. If anyone can make this happen it is Marion.
  14. And a very Merry Christmas to everyone. Marion your IV Corps card is great but the, I suppose , German drawing of Mary and Jesus from Stalingrad really is something. I cannot get the web site to open. Can anyone translate or Shed more light on this for me? Parker
  15. parker

    info on 1058th Engineers - Melvin E Olsen

    After years of searching, even hiring a researcher, and finding so little information I stand amazed at how much has come to light this year for me. The message here is....Don't give up. I am especially glad that sons, daughters, grandsons, son-in-laws etc. are still interested in what The Greatest Generation accomplished. Perhaps they will not be forgotten after all. Thank you. Parker
  16. parker

    info on 1058th Engineers - Melvin E Olsen

    Thank you for this piece of history. It is just another piece or tidbit placing my Uncle (Company A 341st) with the 1058th on the Remagen Bridge. The 341st history only mention was that he was missing and one other had been injured. Thank you for your post. Parker
  17. parker

    341st Engineers

    So glad you found this site. I always perk up when the 341st is mentioned and I cannot wait to see your pictures. Marion and the others are just the greatest and if I can help in any way I surely will. Parker
  18. parker

    243rd Engineers

    I just got around to reading this. Once again the Engineers come through.. and in style. Was it Piper who said "Those Damned Engineers"? As Marion says "no bridge too far". Thanks for sharing. Parker
  19. parker

    New Memorial to the Arizona and Missouri

    How cool is that? Next time we are in Arizona I want to see this. I has no idea these guns still existed. Thank you for sharing. Parker
  20. parker

    A post to America Airlines regarding WWII veteran

    What a shame. Common sense and the willingness to go the extra the extra mile is quickly going by the wayside in this Country. It saddens me to think how little effort it would have taken to accommodate, what I consider, a Hero. Parker
  21. parker

    Meeting John Priest 246th Engineer

    I know you are on top of the world Marion. I can't wait to read what he has to say. Good on you, Parker
  22. parker

    Margraten Cemetery Project

    My Uncle's grave at Margraten was adopted a few years ago and I could not be happier. I get a couple of E-Mails with photos at least twice a year from this dedicated young couple. These people truly honor our loved ones and I thank you for keeping their memory alive. Parker
  23. parker

    Hello everyone from new member malcal1211

    Welcome. You couldn't find a better site for people who live and breath WW11. I received so much help and encouragement in my research that I can say it would not have been a success without them. Good luck and if I can be of any help just ask. Parker
  24. parker

    The casualties continue

    This "mission creep" business is the way to sure enough get more of our boys and girls killed. Not enough real support in the field, no support from the White House, Joint Chiefs who are rubber stamps and ROE that ties hands and legs together. Don't get me started. Parker