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      Oh my gosh, can't tell you what a relief it is to have our forum back. I am simply beside myself with joy! Many of you know, but just as many do not, that I experienced a severe server crash, two weeks ago today. I therefore "temporarily lost" ALL my websites, including the VI Corps main site, this forum, No Bridge Too Far, the VI Corps Jukebox and more than a dozen client sites... Without going into all the gory details, I had to purchase a new server, then start all over from scratch. I did have backups of all the sites, but it's been a real ordeal setting up the server, then one by one, reinstalling each site. I'm almost there, but still have a ways to go, but just got the forum back online, on May 11, 2017 at 12:22. I'm hoping to have the VI Corps main site back by the weekend.  And yes, I am aware of several minor problems, including the fact that many images are currently missing. I need to access the old server again, and copy the uploads folder to our new server. Evidently (for some reason), many of the photos/doc did not transfer. I am working on this, so thank you for your patience. 
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  1. I join you in mourning the passing of Mr. Furtado. I read his journal and like others I have met from the Gretest Generation he was humble and every bit a hero in my eyes. I join the others in asking God to comfort the family in their time of sorrow. Parker
  2. October...we are planning a trip to South Carolina In June. When do you rotate Capt O? Parker
  3. I'm in. Have RV can travel. Parker
  4. Good golly Miss Molly! Wouldn't we enjoy looking this Bad Boy over for a few years. it would probably take that long too. Parker
  5. This is what we had in Saigon before going on to Da Nang. No privacy and it was a fearful sight early in the morning trying to shave in the same little room. Once we got to Da Nang we had wooden ( out houses ). In the 4 and 6 holer design. Splinters were always a problem. Parker
  6. Dang Marion...... Parker
  7. What a great idea!!! How do I get the bucks to you? Check cash etc. Parker
  8. This was/is just great. I have wanted to visit the museum but after seeing this I am thinking this year. Thank you for sharing. Parker
  9. That's pretty good Capt. O. In my case it helped to have a good 1st Sgt. In my corner after I did get caught. Parker
  10. Now that would be something alright.
  11. I am with you. If anyone can make this happen it is Marion.
  12. And a very Merry Christmas to everyone. Marion your IV Corps card is great but the, I suppose , German drawing of Mary and Jesus from Stalingrad really is something. I cannot get the web site to open. Can anyone translate or Shed more light on this for me? Parker
  13. After years of searching, even hiring a researcher, and finding so little information I stand amazed at how much has come to light this year for me. The message here is....Don't give up. I am especially glad that sons, daughters, grandsons, son-in-laws etc. are still interested in what The Greatest Generation accomplished. Perhaps they will not be forgotten after all. Thank you. Parker
  14. Thank you for this piece of history. It is just another piece or tidbit placing my Uncle (Company A 341st) with the 1058th on the Remagen Bridge. The 341st history only mention was that he was missing and one other had been injured. Thank you for your post. Parker