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Walt's Daughter

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  1. Hi:  Received the following message this week. Please get in touch with him. This is wonderful news. So glad to hear that George is still with us. Marion


    Chris ( drchrishuffman@aol.com ) said:


    I'm trying to get in touch with user: vette97.  In around 2011 he posted an article/interview transcript about his meetings/interviews with WWII vet George Jackson (101st Airborne).  I'm a volunteer with a WWII Roundtable group and we're going to have George Jackson as our speaker in September.  I was wondering if vette97 would give us permission to use the photos he attached to his article about George: the "double picture" that shows George in the same stance holding an M1 Garand rifle: in one pic during WWII and in one pic in around 2011.  Does vette97 mind if we use that photo on our website advertisement for George Jackson's speaking engagement with us, and to send to local area newspapers for possible inclusion in an article about his upcoming talk?  Or are those photos copyrighted and we can't use those?


  2. Hey Brian:  Hope all is well. 


    One of our newbies was looking through one of your posts and was bummed because all your pics are on Photobucket and we can no longer see them.


  3. Here's Cowboy's contact info:  cleardot.gif

  4. Just want to thank you for your patience during the latest, trying, forum upgrade. 

    While the site is finally restored as of Wed, Feb 23, 2017, the forum is still running background processes, but it won't be long now. 

    Obviously there are items I still need to tweak, such as the appearance of our forum, but we are well on our way.

    Thank you for your patience and for your faith in our VI Corps website!

    Warmly, Marion :drinkin:

  5. WELCOME OL' FRIEND! Post an introduction for yourself and your father. We will try our best to help you. HUGS!

  6. So happy to have you here, Jae! YEAH! Thanks for joining!!! Marion

  7. When I was pruning my messages yesterday, I think I inadvertently trashed some of yours on your profile page. For that I am truly sorry.

    hugs, Marion

  8. A big hello to you. Thanks for being a true friend!

  9. I wish you a great birthday. It's been so long. Miss you!!!!

  10. Hi:

    As SonofaMP wrote, you can access Request for 251st right here:


    Then you can reply to the topic, if you are logged in. SEE YA THERE! Welcome.

  11. I tried reaching him via email and it bounced back. Sigh! Sorry Wilkie, but the only thing left is hoping he will come back for a visit. Dang!

  12. Nice photo. What is your dad's name?

  13. Is that a picture of you?

  14. Welcome to the forum. Let me know if I can assist.

  15. Welcome to the forum. It's great to have another WWII Engineer as a member.

  16. You must respond to the letter which was sent to you yesterday via email

  17. Welcome Bill. Nice to have another veteran, grace our pages.

  18. Happy Birthday dear friend. Love ya!