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  1. I hope this turns out to be a lucrative search. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.
  2. Yesterday, I received this email. I am so sad. Johnny Thompson Hi Marion. This is Susan, Johnny’s daughter. I want you to know that his cancer has spread and he is under Hospice Care at home. He no longer goes on his computer or answers phone. He no longer converses unless asked a question. Please pray for our family. I knew that you want to know... Thanks, Susan
  3. Walt's Daughter

    Farewell Rocky Riojas - 34th Inf Div

    Yes, losing him, and losing so many other veterans over the last few years has been very heavy on my heart. Sometimes it's difficult for me to be here, because so many things have changed. It will never be the same again, and oh how I yearn for the old days. But I (we) must carry on. At least we had them for a while...
  4. It is with heavy heart that I report the passing of long time friend, Rocky Riojas. He was one of the first veterans on this forum, and we so enjoyed all his posts. He also shared his memoirs of the 34th Infantry Division. Please read his story here. Rest in peace good buddy. Thanks for sharing the news with me, Brooke Chambers.
  5. Hello and welcome. We have quite a bit of info on the 19th. Simply type "19th" in the search engine box located on the right hand side of our forum. Make sure you are on the Homepage of the forum, before beginning your search, as it will look through the entire site. Also visit the main site for VI Corps. Again, use the search feature there. It will include the memoirs from Ernest Wayne Warner - 19th Engineer, etc. Happy hunting!
  6. Thank you for sharing his personal memoirs. This means a lot to us. I shall be reading them this week, if all goes well.
  7. Walt's Daughter

    Infor for Company "B" 159th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Welcome. I gave Sandra some help via email. I hope it proves fruitful for her. Please let us know how you trip goes in April. The best of luck.
  8. Walt's Daughter

    291st Engineer Combat Battalion Roster

    Thanks Steven, and big thanks to mikel for putting it in a format for us non-Apple users. I was like, what the heck is an HEIC file? Man, I hate proprietary formats and I'm a techie. But this is great. So pleased to have this info on our forum.
  9. Walt's Daughter


    The best way is to use Google Earth. I knew a couple of veterans who did this with great success. I will add your site to the 6th Corps main site, too. Congrats!
  10. Walt's Daughter

    1884th EAB Lt Robert L. Myers

    Thanks for providing the above information and for joining the forum. It's always fun filling in the blanks. My advice to you, is to contact NARA in Maryland. This also includes other sources that might be able to serve your needs. I obtained valuable info from College Place, The Army Corps of Engineers Office and Fort Leonard Wood. I now have hundreds of pages of documentation. Obtaining Unit Records These are actual archived records from each branch of the service. Again, many facilities have these records, but it may vary from place to place. Some units, (i.e. infantry and airborne) will have more information than others. Smaller/lesser known units (i.e. an engineer mapping company) may have little to none at all, so there are no guarantees. Nonetheless, my research has led me to discover, that most people are successful with this part of their hunt. · National Archives - College Place, MD - This is how I obtained my father’s unit records. I hired a private researcher who painstakingly copied each document and mailed them to me. While this was not cheap, it was well worth the cost and effort for I gathered hundreds upon hundreds of daily journals, after-action reports, maps and more. Please read the page carefully for it is very detailed. It also explains how to arrange to copy the records yourself. · The Dwight D Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum · The Army Corps of Engineers Office of History - (If your veteran was an army engineer) When filling out the form please select the History Dept., as your recipient. You may also call them at 703-428-6563. They played an instrumental role in my early research, for my father was a member of the 540th Engineer Regiment. · Fort Leonard Wood - Office of Engineer History Historian, U.S. Army Engineer School 320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 043 Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473 573-563-6365 · The United States Army War College · Center of Military History
  11. Walt's Daughter

    358th Engineers

    That is a tough thing to track down. Probably the only way to possibly obtain one, is to see if the 358th has a unit book. Other than that, it's not normal for the archived unit records to have photos of the soldiers.
  12. Walt's Daughter

    207th Engineer Combat Battalion

    Welcome to our forum. It's a real shame that the 207th's site is no longer available. I've seen that happen to too many WWII sites over the last 10 years or so. Think of all the valuable information that has gone missing now. Luckily most of the links including in the above post are still functional. Hope you downloaded the PDF files. I would suggest contacting NARA in Maryland to obtain the unit's files. There information is provided in the Research Section of this forum.
  13. Walt's Daughter

    358th Engineers

  14. Walt's Daughter

    358th Engineers

    I hope you find the answers you are seeking. I'm going to look through the forum to see if I can come up with unit info.
  15. Walt's Daughter

    V-Mail Newsletters - WWII Museum

    Winter 2019 Winter_2019.pdf
  16. Walt's Daughter

    V-Mail Newsletters - WWII Museum

    I am a member of the WWII Museum in New Orleans, and subsequently receive newsletters from them. I received my first one a about a week ago, and wanted to share it with everyone. Some of this issues featured articles are: A letter from museum trustee Drew Brees (yes THE FOOTBALL Drew Brees) regarding his grandfather Gail Freeman. Spotlight on the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion and Veteran Gives a Lasting Gift - Gail "Bud" Freeman - 34th Inf Div Enjoy! http://www.6thcorpscombatengineers.com/docs/newsletters/VMailNewsletterSpring2011.pdf
  17. Walt's Daughter

    Devilbiss High School Heroes - Summer 2018

    November 2019 DeVilbiss High School Heroes Nov 2019.pdf
  18. Walt's Daughter

    Devilbiss High School Heroes - Summer 2018

  19. Walt's Daughter

    Info on Julius G Wolfe - 149th Engineer

    Welcome Stormie. It's so satisfying to see this post come full circle. That's what I love about this forum. It's wonderful to see people from all over the world, coming together and reconnecting the dots. Much love to you and your family. Marion
  20. Walt's Daughter

    Info on Julius G Wolfe - 149th Engineer

    The post above was taken from Facebook. Ralph Peters put me in touch with Danny this morning, and I told him I would be happy to assist. Anyone with any info, please let us know.
  21. Unfortunately, I don't personally have any other info at the present. I would strongly urge you to contact the Army Corps of Engineers in VA, or to contact NARA in Maryland, who have archived records on army units. Please see my post in the RESEARCH section. Keep me posted.
  22. Walt's Daughter

    247th USACE

    Welcome to the forum and Happy New Year. Glad to have you here.
  23. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year!
  24. An interview with my friend Filip from Belgium