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  1. caleb610

    3044th QM GR Co

    Hello M1, Thank you for the input. Caleb
  2. caleb610

    3044th QM GR Co

    Hello Sir, Thank you very much for your welcome and feedback to my posted question on the 3044th. My father like most rarely spoke of his army past and although I have been researching the 3044th QM GR, there is very little information out there. I really appreciate it that you responded and please pass along anything else you can find. Thank you so much again Sir!!!! Caleb
  3. caleb610

    3044th QM GR Co

    HI I'm looking to see if there is anyone out there that can help me find any information on the 3044th Quarter Master Grave Registration my father army unit in Italy during WW2. My oldest brother and I are trying to research his army past and his army records were destroyed in a fire in 1973. Also can anyone give me any information on what Grave Registration Co were sent to Corscia and Sardinia during WW2?