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  1. Caretaker

    21st and 824th Engineer battalions

    You guys ROCK! My grandfather made all the notations in his albums but I'm sure he didn't do it until he was back home. Also, we're dealing with someone with an 8th grade education and spelling was never his strong suit. Unfortunately, he never really talked about things like this and we didn't get the albums until after he died so we could never ask him about any of the pictures or places where he'd been.
  2. Caretaker

    21st and 824th Engineer battalions

    Oh I know it wasn't in Iceland... it was in his European photo box.. one of the loose photos he never got into an album or did descriptions of
  3. Caretaker

    21st and 824th Engineer battalions

    Marion, please send my heartfelt thanks to Karl... I knew it had to be German because of the architecture.. it's nice to be able to know some of the places my grandfather travelled through. I know he arrived in Iceland Jan 25, 1942, was in Reykjvik at first, was in Akurarie on the northern coast of Iceland in August of '42, in Dec '43 he was at Cambler (or Gambler) Pass with the 556th Signal Corps. In his own words, "Left Iceland on the "Emperess of Russia" on May 22, 1944. Landed in Scotland on June 1, 1944. Traveled by rail to Preston England, then to South Hampton and Warminster (sp?). Left England in LCT July 15, 1944, landed on Omaha Beach." I've got pictures he took in Versailles, St Lo, St Michele, Paris, Courtiles, and near Mortefontaine on the Maginot line. "Left Paris on Nov 5, 1945 in a C-47, landed on Oxford England. Left England from Liverpool on the SS Louis Pasteur on Nov 15, 1945. Landed Brooklyn Nov 25, 1945, reported to Ft Dix, NJ on Nov 26, 1945." He remained stateside until his discharge in 1946. All of that is from notations he made in his photo albums.
  4. Caretaker

    21st and 824th Engineer battalions

    See, I was also thinking that it had a decidedly German look to it. Been doing various image searches trying to find it so I'd definitely appreciate the help! Oh, I had mentioned a mystery object so I guess I'd better post it and see what happens!
  5. Caretaker

    21st and 824th Engineer battalions

    Ok, this looks like a pretty noteworthy bridge... any clues where it is?
  6. Caretaker

    21st and 824th Engineer battalions

    Ok, have a few mystery photos in the collection so far. I'd love to see if anyone can identify the object in one photo in particular. Marion, what's the preferred method of posting a photo inquiry? The object is driving me buggy! It appears to be a huge plate of some kind but danged if I can figure it out. Even my nephew wasn't sure. Even though he's only 11, by the time he was 3 he could tell you whether or not a tank was a Sherman, a plane was a B24 and had the jaws of more than one local reenactor dropping to the ground when, at age 5, he went into detail on how to tell an MG 34 from an MG 42! (it's all in the barrel )
  7. Caretaker

    21st and 824th Engineer battalions

    I've been scanning til I can't see straight! Right now I'm working my way through his pictures of France. I have several shots of people he served with but the majority don't have names on them. The ones that do are Dobbs, Pagano, Duditch and Kutskid, although I may be mistaken on that last one... my grandfather had horrible handwriting and some of these were written in pencil... ugh! As soon as I can get the rest scanned and in some kind of order, I'll definitely be uploading them. I just wish my aunt and I had gotten the geneaology urge a lot sooner because there aren't many people left in the family who actually remember "back in the day".
  8. Hello all and thanks for allowing me to come here. My grandfather, Daniel A Bunn, was with Company B, 21st Engineers (Avn) when it was at Langley Field, VA. I've got the company roster and Christmas menu from 1941. He was still with Company B when it was with the 824th Engineer Battalion Aviation (separate) in Iceland. I've got the menu from Christmas dinner 1943 which includes the company roster. He sure liked Christmas dinner! I've also got literally hundreds of photos from various jobs and places both in Iceland and in Europe. My grandfather died in 2010 and never really talked about his experiences and had barely begun giving my father his albums and some of the stories behind them. Some of the photos have descriptions but a lot do not. I'd love to have the opportunity to share them with others who may also be searching and look forward to possibly learning more about the Engineer experience.