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24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

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  1. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.


    Sometime ago, there was a show on PBS giving a tour of this place. Looked like it would be a nice place to visit & learn.
  2. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    We World War Two researchers are in a race against the clock to get the information we need from first person sources, and to record the stories of the final survivors of this war. I fell bad for the elementary school kids of today, who will likely never hear a story from a living survivor that they will truly remember (due to their age). It is the sad reality I dearly wish were not true. Good luck to you as more information comes to light.
  3. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    New Member Hello!

    Welcome! Aviation engineers is a very interesting subject! I own an orginal 9th Aviation Engr. history book. Look forward to seeng a bit more from these documents you have.
  4. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    36th Engineer Campaign Map

    This map is great! Wonder how long it took to make?
  5. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    Best to his family, and will be praying for a speedy recovery for both. I still follow this topic, and find all this research fascinating. You all should write a book when you're done- if it's possible to be done!! All the best.
  6. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    WWII former member of Civil Engineers recipient of the CIB

    I'm not Larry, but: Yes, the BSM was awarded in the 1950's, I believe, to anyone who was a recipient of the CIB for actions in WWII. I have an original NARA document awarding it to a man on these grounds. I would have to get it out and read the exact verbiage it uses though.
  7. Yes, that is a great film. I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't even realize the length of it.
  8. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    Discharge Date

    Based on everything, I'd say he came home immediately. Just took a while for prosessing.
  9. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    21st and 824th Engineer battalions

    The buildings look German to me, but I'm no architect.
  10. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    Discharge Date

    What Jean said is absolutely correct. I will add just cause I can. I had a little extra time and looked at some records. A good friend of mine had been discharged 8 NOV 1945 as well. He had enough points and came home right away. The men with enough points stayed for a little bit after the war ended, but those who had enough points wanted to be here- and fast! Based off my friend, I'd say he came home as fast as he could!
  11. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    Discharge Date

    Glad you have gotten in touch with someone from his unit. Why don't you ask him of he remembers your dad being hit? They would not offer a discharge overseas. He has to be Stateside. I don't know what the exact answer is, and we likely won't know. Many people with low points were forced to stay in to fight the Japs. As you well know, that didn't come true. So they were later sent back and discharged. Others stayed for occupation duty. Ask the veteran if anyone stayed for occupation duty. That would help.
  12. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    Discharge Date

    I'm not sure. I don't know the background, but if he was sent to the States because of a wound, and was unfit for military service even after it had healed, he would be discharged- that means he could have been in the States for sometime before discharge papers were issued. Or he was here for wounds or other reasons and the war ended and he had enough points to be discharged. What is the date? That would likely help.
  13. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    Happy Birthday Marion!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for providing a quality forum.
  14. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    I have been reading through here occasionally. This is very fascinating stuff!
  15. 24th Arm'd Engr. Bn.

    When you came home......

    I know a lot of 82nd troopers were fed SPAM for sometime. I would hate that, it's gross.