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  1. Dogdaddy

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    Hello M1- If I was looking to kick-start a DVD I would first contact the local cable company to find out the cost per minute of advertising time. I would then begin contacting professional Advertising agencies ( Ala' MAD MEN ) to discuss my project and then wait and see what they could do for me creatively. For example, I'm sure you've seen commercials like TIME-LIFE's when they are promoting a WWII documentary.. they are very effective, and (depending what your marketing budget is) a much better way to reach the people who are likely to purchase WWII documentaries. Don't feel like you have to do it all yourself in order to make it 'Your Project.' You will always have the final say . Cheers!
  2. Dogdaddy

    Remembrance Day 11/11/2010

  3. Dogdaddy

    The Pacific

    Last night I finished a marathon viewing of "The Pacific." I've read that some people were disappointed in it, but I thought it was terrific. The only problem I had with it was the fact that there were several scenes of graphic sexual content that I wouldn't feel comfortable allowing a pre-teen child to watch, and kids really need to see this series. Even though I already knew that John Basilone was KIA on Iwo Jima, I hated to see it onscreen. He really was an American Hero in every sense. He could have stayed home after his actions at Guadalcanal, but chose to return to action to help the newer USMC recruits and payed for it with his life.
  4. Dogdaddy

    Happy birthday Chambers.

    Happy Birthday Brooke! Your birthday present is on the way! Cheers from Dogdaddy & Super Nige
  5. Hello Vee- Last night I watched "The Train" starring Burt Lancaster. A great WWII film from 1964 that was dedicated to the brave French railroad workers who sacrificed their own lives to sabotage Nazi rail shipments during the war. That took alot of guts, knowing that for every successful effort the German reprisals would be swift and out of proportion to the "crime."
  6. Dogdaddy

    Cardiovascular Exercise

    At last......an exersize plan I can live with!
  7. Dogdaddy

    Agerholm Memorial Gun Park

    Great pictures Major T., My favorite is the old 155mm in picture # 1. It reminds me of the old newsreels of USMC gun crews pounding away at the Japanese up in the caves during WWII.
  8. Dogdaddy


    A beautiful day here in Washington state too, and if that was not enough The Seahawks won a road game in Chicago...
  9. Dear Marion, I am sad to learn of the passing of your dear friend and send my condolences to Art's family and all his friends from the 36th. sincerely, Jim
  10. Dogdaddy

    Apocalypse The 2nd world War !!

    Hello M1, Sad to report that history has already started to repeat itself in Ukraine as well as other former Soviet states. My buddy Max has become very depressed following the recent elections in which the pro-Moscow candidate defeated the pro-Western democracy candidate by a very narrow margin. Already the "New Boss" has taken steps to repeal the powers given to their congress following the 'Orange Revolution' which have kept the president from having complete control (dictatorial) over the government of Ukraine. I should mention that Max "hates Russians" and he is very proud of being a Ukrainian and not a Russian. His grandfather fought under the red flag in WWII but he did it to liberate his people from the Nazis rather than any love for Stalin. Before becoming friends with Max and his family I thought they were all Russians, but they are not. They speak different languages, use different currency and have different customs and beliefs than actual Russians, and I have learned that Russia has always been the center of anti-western aggression. It is heart breaking to see a people who have had just a brief period of relative freedom be on the verge of losing it again to yet another dictator (or 'dick, for short! )
  11. Dogdaddy

    Apocalypse The 2nd world War !!

    I watched it again tonight and as usual I absorbed some bits of info that I missed the first time around. First bit: As soon as the Allies turned over the newly liberated Buchenwald death camp to the Soviets, Stalin wasted no time in adding it to his Gulag system, where dissidents were imprisoned. We've talked about this before, but it's worth remembering that the liberation of Europe was very short lived for millions of Europeans who were absorbed by the Stalinist regime... Meet the new Boss...same as the old Boss. One other thing I probably knew but had forgotten : That the first Atomic bomb was meant for Berlin,but it wouldn't be ready in time, so it was dropped on Japan. That's something I'll always be grateful to President Truman for doing, because I'm sure it saved my Dad's life. He had reenlisted for the end of the war plus 6 months.
  12. Dogdaddy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Hey Jim This one or Pink is MUCH better for this song!! Vee That's the one, Vee! I could swear that NBC used PINK for the original opening of Sunday night Football, not Faith Hill. Am I right?
  13. Dogdaddy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Theme from "Sunday Night Football"
  14. I thought you might get a laugh from this true story.... The other day I went to Starbucks with my sister to have a Mocha'. I was visiting with the college age girl who was making our coffee. I don't remember how the subject of WWII came up, but it did, and I mentioned that I enjoy studying WWII history and also that I collect WWII items. When I shared that with her she looked at me and asked: "Were you in WWII?" I laughed and told her that I was not, and that I am in fact only 58 years old. I guess this speaks to the topic we often discuss about how little today's younger generation knows about WWII. That being said.... I guess I better look into some Botox and Grecian Grey!
  15. Dogdaddy

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    You deserve all the accolades you will receive for this project, M1. I think I speak for all of us here when I say how proud we are of you...not only for the Documentary but for the research you do for the families of these Veterans as well as this fine website you created! Your Pal,
  16. Dogdaddy

    Bypass to Berlin 235th Engineers

    Dear M1- I'm glad you enjoyed the surprise..I just thought it was so cool that these guys were able to take a brief 'rest' from all the horrible events of WWII and perform this play for their buddies in Italy (I of course wondered immediately if Rocky ever got a chance to see this play or one like it!) As soon as I saw that it involved Engineers from the 235th I knew it was something you would enjoy M1. I was hoping it would arrive before you left for the weekend, but it's always fun finding an unexpected package (instead of a bill) when you get home... Hugs, DD1 and The Big Blond
  17. Dogdaddy

    I'm with Stupid..(Me)

    I wrote to M1 not too long ago about a perceived problem I encountered while looking for New Posts and getting the Snafu from the site. I didn't take into account the fact that I am sometimes "logged in" for days..at least that's the way the website reads it. The fact is that because I live in this house with only my loyal Dog, I don't have to worry about somebody using this computer if I leave myself logged in to some of the sites I use frequently, like VI Corps! If I log out after each time I visit the site I don't often get the "No New messages" message that used to vex me! Does that make sense? I just thought I'd share this with anyone who might have experienced the same problem looking for "New messages."
  18. I read a news story today about a "U.N. backed Tribunal" that plans on prosecuting 4 aging (in their 80's) members of the Khymer Rouge for the mass murders that occured in Cambodia between 1976 and 1979. Do you think these highly publisized, high cost proceedings are worth the cost? Whenever I see something with the title "U.N. backed" it usually means USA to foot the bill for everything, which always bothers me. In the past I have supported the prosecution of nazi war criminals regardless of their age, but I'm beginning to believe it would be more practical to just let the CIA or Simon Wiesanthal's organization bump them off quietly and without fanfare instead of going through the extradition fights and etc. that are always a part of these war criminal proceedings. I still think it is important for all of these war criminals to pay for their crimes, but when there is already evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of their guilt, then why spend money that could be better used to help the victims of natural disasters to recover? I would have been just as happy to see the American GI who discovered Saddam Hussein simply toss a grenade in that Spider hole and forget about him, but that's probably why I'm not in a position to make these calls!
  19. Dogdaddy

    Pics from Okinawa

    Great pictures of Okinawa Major O'. Also enjoyed the descriptions and the info about Spirits that still inhabit the castle. I can't deny the existence of spirits which still inhabit these places, and former battlegrounds seem to be where alot of unexplained paranormal activity occurs.
  20. Dogdaddy

    Slegehammer " Old Breed Marine"

    In the Apocalypse documentary that Vee mentioned recently there is a scene showing either a US Marine/or GI in the act of using pliers to extract the gold teeth from the mouth of an enemy KIA. It didn't totally shock me because I've heard PTO veterans talk about it in numerous other books and DVDS. Since I am a civilian and have never seen my buddies tortured and mutilated by Jap soldiers I'm in no position to judge. All I can do is to try and imagine the rage our guys must have felt towards this particular enemy.
  21. Dogdaddy

    An interesting fact about Aug 2010

    Izzat the reason this year is going by so quickly?
  22. Dogdaddy

    Marion's Collection

    Dear M1- I'd nearly forgotten about that present.. I figured if ever anybody could track down a WWII Army Engineer I'd put my money on you! Whether or not you can locate any info about him, I am certain that he would be proud to know that his ribbons & books found a place in your home. Hugs, Dogdaddy
  23. Dogdaddy

    Happy Birthday Rocky.

    Once again I'm late for the bus! Anyway Rockey..I hope you had a great birthday and I thank you for all that you've shared with us about WWII in the Italian Campaign. I hope you'll still be sharing your WWII experience with us on your 100th Birthday! Best Regards, Jim
  24. Dogdaddy

    Memoribilia and Collectibles

    Howdy M1! I found it on ebay for an asking price of $1.50. It really is a great piece of our American History, from a time not so long ago when most folks were very patriotic. It would be interesting to find out if 'Lee & Cady' Co. was still in business.