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  1. Dogdaddy

    The Wereth 11

    I have been watching the promos about this show and it sounds very interesting. The story of eleven Black GI's who are captured by the SS. It airs tonight at 9PM on the Natl. Geographic channel.
  2. Dogdaddy

    The Wereth 11

    I almost missed it myself due to the 3 hour time difference, but thankfully it was repeated 3 hours later. The documentary was very well done. The story was about The African American crew of an artillery battery at the start of the Battle of the Bulge, who courageously held their ground and kept firing until they were down to using rifles against the attacking Germans. One of the survivors who was interviewed said it got down to hand to hand fighting before their commander (who was the only white man) ordered them to surrender in order to save lives. They were taken prisoner by Germans of 1rst SS Panzer, who had great contempt for them due to their race. Eleven of these Black soldiers were eventually beaten and tortured until they died. The bodies were discovered weeks later by a Belgian man who was emotionally shaken by these events and made a memorial for these men on the ground where they died. This happened on the same day as the Malmedy Massacre, but no mention of it was made by the US Army as they compiled the names of the men who were killed during The Bulge. The spot these Heros were murdered and tortured is now a monument of stone with the names of the fallen. I apologize for my attempt to tell this story by memory, as I may have forgotten much of the details. I hope the show will be repeated soon so you may hear all the important details that I may have omitted, as this show should be seen by all Americans. God Bless the Wereth Eleven, who fought bravely for their country despite the racist conditions they endured...not only by the enemy, but by their own country as well.
  3. Dogdaddy

    Where is VEE??

    Dear Vee- I pray that your problems will all be resolved in the way you would hope for. My family too has been struggling with health concerns this year that make it hard on all of us. I am with you in prayer. kind regards, Jim
  4. I am SUPER HAPPY for you M1. I remember the day last Summer that we found all my Dad's letters home..I was on cloud 9 !
  5. Dogdaddy


    That's the One, Rocky !
  6. Dogdaddy

    Small Leather Pouch.

    I saw a similar item on ebay, although it has the emblem of the USAAF stenciled on the front instead of the RAF. The seller didn't know what purpose it had either. I would guess it was for small personal items like glasses, smokes and the like. I prefer the Crown Royal pouch myself.. :-)
  7. Dogdaddy

    Happy Birthday Jeeper704

  8. Dogdaddy

    WINTER OF 2010/2011

    Just curious about how the rest of you folks are getting along with Jack Frost this year. I was quite surprised today when the Weather Channel announced that it was snowing in 49 of the 50 states...that's got to be a first! As I know that many of our members here are in their 80's I hope you have grand kids or a kind neighbor who is taking care of the snow shoveling and de-icing of your sidewalks and driveways for you. If ever there was a great opportunity to say thank you to our aging and/or disabled Vets this is it!
  9. Dogdaddy

    Something to Think about and Remember

    Dear Sarge, I took the liberty of upgrading your status to 'young man' because of what I figured you had seen of the war already, before seeing the death camps in '45. Respectfully,
  10. I didn't hear of his passing until now when I logged on. Like most of you I knew of him only through Band of Brothers, but I almost feel like I've lost a friend. The world most certainly has lost a friend and a brilliant leader who lead by example. I know of a 6 year old boy who lives in Ukraine that has idolized this courageous American Warrior ever since Band of Brother became available on DVD in his own language. I'm sure he too will be saddened by Major Winter's passing. God Bless this Great Man, and bring comfort to those who mourn.
  11. Dogdaddy

    Something to Think about and Remember

    Powerful photographs Sgt. Leo, and I echo the remarks of the previous posters about it still happening today in places like Afrika, Indonesia, and (most likely) North Korea, just to name a few. I cannot imagine what an impact scenes like this must have made on you (and other Allied soldiers) to experience as a young man.
  12. Dogdaddy

    HELLO 2011

    Happy New Year! Those of us that live on the West Coast still have a couple of hours left in 2010, but what the heck! Hope the new year brings you more of the things that are important to you. ps- A big Happy New Year also to all Dogs from Nigel!
  13. Dogdaddy


    Amen to that Erwin! We can also give credit for the destruction of Germany to Hitler.... for ignoring the advice of his best field marshalls & generals and taking command of the war himself.
  14. Dogdaddy


  15. Dogdaddy


    For anyone who is interested, this fine two part series will be available for purchase on April 15th. I received a $25.00 gift certificate yesterday and used it to pre-order mine on Amazon.com. Hope you all had a peaceful and joyous Christmas this year!
  16. Dogdaddy

    Merry Christmas everyone...

    Nothing quite as nice as being in love, and being loved in return during the Christmas season. God Bless the two of you and I wish you a long and happy life together!
  17. Dogdaddy

    What are you listening to right now?

    Right now I'm listening to Manhattan Steamroller on TV providing the Christmas music for a great ice skating show. I allowed Nigel to open one gift, which was a nice overstuffed dog bed for the livingroom. Nigel (My Dog, for those who don't already know) gets to sleep in Dad's bed at night. We can't stay up too late here on the west coast, as Santa begins his USA deliveries in the NW corner of Washington state. Merry Christmas to All, and to all a good night!
  18. Dogdaddy

    Where would you be?

    That sure fits my situation. "Be it ever so humble..there's no place like home."
  19. Dogdaddy

    North Korea

    I went to bed last night wondering if I would wake up today to find The World At War after hearing that North Korea would not back down, and had even threatened to use Nuclear weapons if South Korea proceeded with the military exersizes that were planned. Thank GOD it did not happen.
  20. Dogdaddy

    Merry Christmas everyone...

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL FROM DOGDADDY 1 AND NIGEL(His Dad was British, Moose)! This picture was too long for my scanner to cover, but the main point of the message is clear. It came from the December 1944 edition of Esquire...the men's magazine.
  21. Dogdaddy


    What a GREAT and Informative post!
  22. Dogdaddy

    Merry Christmas everyone...

    Anybody else besides us having a White Christmas this year? We have already had more snow this year than the last two put together and it's not yet officially Winter! My dog Nigel loves it and has been a complete wild man!
  23. Dogdaddy


    I am still surprised at the number of concentration/work/death camps the narrator mentioned as being in Germany...I think I heard the number 20,000 camps! That number times thousands of inmates is hard to get my mind around, but it's true. BTW....that reminds me of a GREAT post war German film titled "As Far as my feet will carry me." It's really a terrific movie that was based on a true story about a German POW who escaped from a Soviet work camp in Siberia. I bet M1 and Lee have seen it !
  24. Dogdaddy

    Bastogne anniversary 2010

    Vee...I'm envious too, so you aren't alone! Frank> Thank You for posting those photos. They epitomize the old saying that One picture is worth 1000 words. I've never been there myself but those photos made me feel like I had.
  25. Dogdaddy

    Memoribilia and Collectibles

    I thought of these people today as I am watching a program on the History channel about Free Mason's... One other interesting & unrelated item today: Somebody on ebay is selling a pair of spectacles that belonged to 'Smiling Albert' Kesselring. the price? $395.00. Included with the glasses and case are his actual eyeglass prescription, which are alleged to have been obtained while he was on trial in 1947. I'll pass on this one.