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  1. Dogdaddy

    Original WWII K-Rations

    These are original WWII issue K-ration packages for Breakfast and "Supper". They are in mint condition and the actual packages inside have never been opened. In all the time I've been collecting WWII items I can only remember seeing one or two of these being auctioned, so I was thrilled that I was able to land these two items recently, although the next photo you see of me will show a man sans an arm and a leg. Hope you find them interesting!
  2. Dogdaddy


    Last Night I took my 13 year old Great Nephew to see 'Defiance', which just came out last Friday. This movie is based on a true story about the Bielski Brothers, who organized the Jewish resistance in the forests of "White Russia" in 1941, shortly after the Nazis invaded. I'm not going to say much more about the movie's story line except to tell you how much we both enjoyed it. I was already aware of this story from a History Channel program and I was not disappointed in the Hollywood treatment of it. Dogdaddy
  3. Dogdaddy


    This film has been available on DVD in rental places and netflix for a few weeks now, so I was wondering if any of you have seen it since I posted this topic back in January. Like/dislike? I loved it myself. It was truthful in depicting the way that Jewish resistance fighters were treated by other Partisans as well as the Russian 'regulars'.
  4. Dogdaddy

    Original WWII K-Rations

    I didn't really have any extra dough to spend on them, but I've only seen one other box of WWII K-rations (that I can remember) and they are on exhibit in the Ellensburg museum's WWII display. We are a small town, but they really put together a nice "WWII room" that is comprised of several beautiful WWII uniforms that belonged to local men and women who served during WWII. Among them is a WAC uniform in immaculate condition. There is also a picture of another girl who flew airplanes directly from the factories to military bases, as many women did in WWII. I have donated several items to the museum myself. That's one nice thing about living in a small town(thank you John Cougar Mellancamp for putting this feeling to song!).
  5. Dogdaddy

    Original WWII K-Rations

    Several years back I found an interesting item at a yard sale...I don't have pictures but it's a sealed metal container containing 6.75 lbs. of saltine crackers. it's marked Civil Defence and dated 1961. Definately a left over item from the 'Cold War.' Cost? Three bucks. Once in a great while I find an item like that at a yard sale, but not very often in this small community.
  6. Dogdaddy

    Original WWII K-Rations

    I ask the guy I bought them from if there was any special instructions for storing, like refrigeration etc. (I know, dumb question, but I have no knowledge of what you do with 65 year old vittles that are now unedible ) I suppose after all this time you could probably use them as land mines! Beside...from what you old WWII Vets say about them you probably couldn't do anything to hurt them!
  7. Dogdaddy

    Anniversary of D-Day

    I'll say it again Vee...You are one of the Greatest!
  8. Dogdaddy

    painted rocks - unit crests

    They have got some talented artists there. Interesting photos M-1!
  9. Dogdaddy

    A couple Items liberated by the 36th Engineers

    VERY nice items! What makes them even more special is the fact that you have the story behind them dating back to 1945! I know what you mean about the swastika banner. My "Collectables Room" is the first room people see when entering my house. I used to have a big freakin' Nazi flag hanging on one wall, but decided to remove it after getting some odd looks from the Postman when I opened the door to sign for a package .
  10. Dogdaddy

    Moose and Co in Normandy D-day 2009

    Wow..What a wonderful time you must've had! Was that uniformed man who was giving you his rifle Gomer Pyle? Sure looked like him! (just kidding Moose...I am actually green with envy when I see someone with a Class A impression of WWII like you guys
  11. This cover speaks for itself...but just in case there's anybody who doesn't recognize this man it's Reinhard Heydrich, second only to Himmler in the SS.
  12. Dogdaddy

    Time Magazine D-day anniversary

    TIME magazine recently issued a reprint of the "D-Day 60th Anniversary issue" for the 65th Anniversary which is on sale now. I bought all of the TIME Collector series books about the 60th Anniversary back in 2005, and I'm keeping them in mint condition to pass on to my Great Nephew. I have enjoyed each and every one that has been released thus far.
  13. Dogdaddy

    "Return To Tarawa"

    Very moving film. It was sad to see all that garbage on those beaches and grafitti on the gun emplacements.
  14. Dogdaddy

    Anniversary of D-Day

    I would love to be able to attend this ceremony just one time. Vee, you are the Greatest!
  15. Dogdaddy

    Prayers for Sarge Leo's Wife

    Hello Sgt. Leo, My prayers are with you and your dear wife. God Bless both of you. Jim
  16. Dogdaddy

    WWII Magazine March 2008 Issue

    I bought it on ebay some time ago. It's a full size 21" X 29" poster. Probably just one in a series, but I've never seen another one like it either.
  17. I know this topic has been kicked around many times before, so just bear with me. In the latest issue of WWII there is a short article about Japanese atrocities. I normally think of the horrible treatment Allied soldiers received in the Prison Camps, or The Bataan Death March when this subject is mentioned but it goes much deeper then that. Today I read that the Japanese Navy was responsible for at least 20,000 Allied POW deaths too, and this order came from higher ups in the IJN, who ordered that not only were vessals to be sunk but the men aboard them were to be killed too. The usual manner of this inhuman treatment took the form of prisoners being tortured before they were beheaded and thrown over the side.. Reading this made me physically ill, and I Thank God that my Dad, who was a Sailor in WWII came home safe and sound. This went largely unpunished after the war ended, even though there were more Japanese tried for war crimes than Germans. Can anyone please explain to me the "Honor" in this...? How does a man commit such criminal acts and then come home and raise children? Dogdaddy
  18. Dogdaddy

    Memorial Day 2009 Tribute

    God Bless America's Best....both those who are still living and those who sacrificed all their tomorrows so the rest of us might live in Freedom.
  19. Recently I heard an historian give a breakdown of how Germany's troops were allocated during WWII... 5% in Italy, 15-20% to other occupied countries, and a whopping 75-80% of German troops & armor were needed on the Eastern Front during the war, just to keep the Russians back! It made me think how fortunate it was that Hitler betrayed Stalin in 1941, and also that FDR's cool head was in the White House to keep Stalin and Churchill at the same table. Just consider how horrific our own losses were during WWII...then imagine Germany with 75-80% more troops,tanks, and airplanes available. It is doubtful that we could have prevailed with only the British & Canadians on our side. On the other hand, Germany was just a stone's throw from Moscow...Give Hitler back the 25% of his forces that were tied up with the Western front, and take away the lease/lend aid to Russia, and the world might be very different today! All things considered I think both the USA and Russia were fortunate that we were able at least temporarily, to put our differences aside. It's a shame that the brave soldiers who fought with the Red Army and defeated one Tyrant had nothing better to return to than another one, but they were fighting for their motherland, not Stalin. I hope that before all our veterans of WWII are gone , there will be some kind of celebration that includes the elderly veterans of the former Soviet Union. Dogdaddy
  20. Dogdaddy

    WWII Magazine March 2008 Issue

    Here is a poster about "Japanese atrocities in WWII" as seen through the eyes of the Japanese minister of propaganda. If I have already posted this please forgive me. It is such utter BS that it's worth a second look!
  21. Dogdaddy

    The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend...

    There's been a series on TV about Stalin's secrets that were unknown to the West until the early 1990's after the fall of communism. I caught only one episode, but it was very interesting. Stalin it seems had some rather large expectations when he and Hitler signed the "no-attack" agreement in 1939, shortly before the invasion of Poland. After the first agreement was signed, he sent Molotov back to Berlin to deliver a message to Hitler that basically said that "We (Russia) would not stand by if our German friends found themselves in trouble with England and France." Stalin seems to have had ambitions on a full partnership with the nazis rather than just a non-aggression agreement. Hitler and his cohorts had a big laugh about that behind Stalin's back, knowing full well that they would in reality never consider the Russians, who they considered inferiors as their "equals." As we know today things didn't work out so well on Hitler's side, but Stalin ended up with half of Europe behind the Iron Curtain after Hitler betrayed him. Stalin understood treachery, which is why he was so paranoid about the possibility of US Ambassador Allan Dulles brokering a deal with Himmler during the secret meetings in Sweden....a deal which could have ended up with the Allies & the Krauts joining forces against the Bolsheviks. Of course after the death camps were discovered that never would have happened. My own personal opinion is that Presidents Roosevelt and (later) Truman made the right call by choosing the lesser of two evils.......even if evil number two was only "lesser" by a short hair.
  22. Dogdaddy

    Photo editing... Moose's new toy

    I am envious Moose..seriously. I know 2 of my dogs have became "famous' time travelers thanks to your efforts!
  23. Dogdaddy

    History of Memorial Day

    After reading that I'm a liittle depressed because it's true....Many Americans don't know the reason for Memorial Day anymore and don't think of it as anything other than the first big "3-day holiday" of Summer. The newspaper is full of sales advertisments for patio furniture & barbeque grills. I don't want to get too pious here, because there were years in mid-life that I did it myself. It took reading Brokaw's book, The Greatest Generation to bring me back to my senses and remember what Memorial Day is really about. I too believe that it was a mistake to change the date in order to make it a 3-day weekend. As secular as our society is (sadly) becoming it's only a matter of time before Christmas Day will no longer be December 25th, but be celebrated on the last Friday in December, or something equally as disrespectful. Last year for the first time ever there was no parade in Ellensburg on Memorial Day but one thing didn't change...the VFW members and Families were still placing flags on the graves of all Veterans.
  24. Dogdaddy

    Memorial Day 2009 Tribute

    From Valley Forge to Afghanistan, and all points in between...Thank You All for making America what it is today...the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Your sacrifices will NEVER be forgotten. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS, Jim
  25. Dogdaddy

    Are you moviegoer ?

    Victory is the name of the flick!