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    j3rdinf Trust me I didnt do anything that great. Not nearly what you guys did. My hat is off to sir
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    Good Luck
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    What would you like to know?
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    Thanks So very much you are a
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    I dont have his seperation papers here, my dad has them. His unit patch is shield shaped white and red with a seahorse in the upper right hand corner. His name was Richard C Shakerely (T-5) home of record was Ridgefield park NJ.Enlisted in 43 after his brother was killed in the North Atlantic aboard the USS Borrie. He did some training in Conneticut (I think) I have some letters post marked from there. There was a picture of him at the West Point Museum getting off of a boat at Anzio. Some of the pictures we have show desert (North Africa?) He also talked about finding ME 262's in the a cave somewhere. He also liberated a concetration camp in the Heidleberg Stutgart area? I will get more when I find his seperation papers etc. Sorry my info is sketchy. A little bout myself, just got done with a tour in Iraq with 2nd Battalion 108th Inf serving as a medic with Battalion scouts. Thanks
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    Just found this area and may I say good stuff. Grandfather served from North Africa through the Rhineland. Glad to be here.