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devon cally

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    torbay Devon England
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    helping with the battery museum at Brixham . other military projects

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  1. Hi Cally. Good to see your posts on here.


  2. devon cally

    slapton sands

    just thought i'd mention that a event is being planned on slapton sands devon.uk in sept. it is hoped it wll become a annual event. so keep a look out in your events pages..
  3. devon cally

    hello all

    hi thanks for the welcome. i live in torbay. south west devon. torbay is where alot of the americans left for the d day landings .so have lots of bits of history here.(see links on exercise duck ) my husband is part of a military group that looks after and runs a very small museum here in Brixham. my view photo is taken from the wwii pill box that he looks after. we also attend alot of mvt events. so very much into the military
  4. devon cally

    hello all

    Hi I thought I'd better say 'hello' and tell you why I'm here.. First I must say thank you for letting me on board this site. Has I'm not connected in any way with anyone here. I live in Devon UK. So the WWII history around this area is amazing. I belong to a group of vol's that help maintain and run a free small (British) military museum here in brixham. Next year we are putting together a small event at nearby lupton house. Which had connections with WWII, so I'm looking to find more personal information/photos about the American troops that were stationed there. Thank you for your help and interest
  5. devon cally


    thankyou for the links. yes i do have them and the info. but sure alot of your members will find them very interesting.. we have been to the services held at slapton sands many times. we also knew ken (small) for a number of years. the only thing one can comment on is to say that at least the powers that be, made good some of the mistakes, which must have helped save lives in the long run.
  6. devon cally


    Hello I am looking at web sites of American forces, that may have taken part in exercise duck etc (part of exercise tiger ) here in devon. I am trying to find out if any one knows more about the group based at lupton house brixham devon We're doing a display there next year and I wanted to do a room dedicated to the forces stationed there . I have all the exercise details for the area for the basic exercises as part of Neptune . But I really wanted to be able to put more info on the part lupton took we know the number of personal and transport ect but there just numbers..i would love to put some faces or names up there too.. The old trenches that were used in training are still there and our vol group are tidying them up to do a guided walk during the open weekend next year. Any help anyone from your furum could give would really be a bonus thank you