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  1. CombatGirl

    1289th Combat Engineers

    Yes! As soon as I get word about the NARA records I will let you know. I did speak with a gentlemen about records from Eisenhower museum? And he did find some as well, They charge for reproductions so as soon as I get that $$ to him and they mail the copies I will let you all know. I've been so busy here, volunteering and working and everything It's been pretty hectic! Will keep in touch though!
  2. CombatGirl

    1289th Combat Engineers

    WOW thank you so much for identifying that for us! I'm going to my mother's wedding (my grandfather's daughter) in June and plan to bring all this great info with me to share with the rest of the family!
  3. CombatGirl

    1289th Combat Engineers

    I meant "I have". See I can't even type correctly!
  4. CombatGirl

    1289th Combat Engineers

    I'm have the biggest smile on my face right now! Thank you for thinking of me. The people I have contacted on this forum have been truely amazing. Thank you so much!
  5. CombatGirl

    1289th Combat Engineers

    Hello all! I am currently doing research on my Grandfather who was in the 1289th Combat Engineer Battalion. I have hit a wall in my research and am hoping to find some leads here. My husband is currently serving his second tour in Afghanistan so military history is very important in our family :)If you have any info on this group please let me know... My grandfather was also with the 3939th QM, I have some pictures of him and his buddies in europe as well as what I believe to be the Phillipines. Any help is appreciated! <3 CombatGirl