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  1. Christoph

    Jean in Siegburg

    Yesterday I recieved a surprising message from my old internet friend Jean Jacobsen: She's visiting Siegburg with her hubby Steve! So we went up the Michaelsberg to the rose garden, to the Nordfriedhof, where her father had to bring passed american POW to, the synagogue monument... Thanks to Marion who made this possible!
  2. Christoph

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    Meindorf! That is only 6 - 7 km from the Michaelsberg, and on the same bank of the Rhine so they did not have to cross it swimming. They only had to cross the river Sieg, but this is possible. The Sieg area at Meindorf was occupied by the 78th Infantry Division's 311th Infantry Regiment on 21 March 1945. Christoph
  3. Christoph

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    A happy and peaceful new year! The last year passed so fast, and without anything new to this topic. Christoph
  4. I wanted to publish it 3 years ago, but time goes by... until today, it is in the 2015 issue of our local history magazine (and another article about the dragonflies around here) Christoph
  5. Christoph

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    Some days ago there were two articles in Siegburg's newsletter "Siegburg aktuell": http://www.siegburg.de/stadt/newsletter/nl/60176/newsletter.html (please add the last "l" manually to the URL, http://www.siegburg.de/stadt/newsletter/nl/60222/newsletter.html I have some problems with the editor) Guidry's daughter Elizabeth and her husband visited Hellenthal and Siegburg earlier this year and met Jan Gerull, the author of the articles, and also Siegburg's mayor Franz Huhn, see the photo of the second article. I met Jan today for the first time and didn't know he wrote the articles, I only guessed he might be the Jan Jean mentioned in an e-mail. He was quite surprised to meet someone who already knew something about the story :-) Christoph
  6. Christoph

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    These last ones from Facebook, posted by a newspaper photographer with a big Archive (and husband of our County archive's director :-) ) And better: iIt seems to be a screenshot of a Video: https://www.facebook.com/Holger.Arndt.De/videos/o.1424090314530123/10203927703689322/?type=2&theater Christoph
  7. Christoph

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    Just 2 "new" photos of Siegburg in early April 1945. Christoph
  8. Today 70 years ago the 237th Engineer Combat Battalion construted the bridge across the Rhine: 398.7 m in 10 hours. With this Performance they won a bet against Gen. Collins and a lot of beer. http://www.general-anzeiger-bonn.de/bonn/rueckblick/Die-Beer-Bridge-ist-heute-noch-beruehmt-article1593871.html Christoph
  9. Christoph

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    Jean Somewhere here we talked about your father swimming in the Sieg or Rhine and the temperatures in 1945. I just found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovdFl7UnYEg with some American soldiers Swimming in the river Rhine on 18 March 45. Itshould be available also in English or as original in american archives. Christoph
  10. ...and there are also 4 Statues of Liberty in Paris, the model for the one in New York, the biggest one which was a present of Americans living in Paris to the town and two smaller copies. (Nearly) A whole Family. http://de.wikipedia.org/Datei:Paris-liberte-eiffel.jpg Christoph
  11. The link is dead, probably because it should be Repasky and not Rapesky. :-) Have you recently heard from him? Christoph
  12. Christoph

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    It's quiet here. I found another photo of Siegburg in April 1945. Christoph
  13. Christoph

    What I Miss on the Forum

    I think it's because of the very very special subject of this Forum. I'm afraid most users only come here for information about the WWII combat engineers (as I did) but don't come back when they got what they wanted. But this special subject is the strong point of the forum and should not be watered down imho. And time goes by, it seems now there are more grandchildren than children or veterans here, and they are on Facebook... for items not on topic here. I'm looking in here nearly every day as Colin does and I'm willing to admit that I nearly only post when I have a question or answer. Facebook: How could I add you as friend? No such button on your board there. Christoph