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  1. I'am 74, living in Belgium and I'm very proud to have neen invited as a member of this website I can help peoples by my knowledge of the Battle of the Bulge I was 12 in september 1944 when American came to liberate my town (Liège) Many thanks for all Bigfoot Stan C. Bellens
  2. Bigfoot

    Interesting world - New friend in Belgium

    Dear Marion How are you ?? I just finished to read the letters from Gilbert Stevenot to you (Steve) I have been surprised to learn that he was working for the Nazis during the WW2 to the liberation of his village by American Troops I have been schocked, knowing not exactly what kind of work he make for the germans during four years, I canno't say nothing more about Steve, but I find this story enough strange I think send to you recently some accounts from years of war in Belgium I have these stories in french, but I want translate all of them in English The days of the liberation of th etown of Liège were amazing, with peoples taking the G.I's as their guestsn hundreds or thoiusands of peoples dancing in the streets all the day and night long, What a joy, happiness, and thankgiving to all the young American , came from so far away for our liberty. Impossible to forget these wonderful days In 1994, for the 50th Anniversary for the landing at Normandy, the National Arvhives and the Service Press of the U.S Army hav eedited two CD's, the first about the landing at Normandy containig more than 600 photos, 2 Video's and others interesting accounts, the second was for the Battle of the Bulge with 750 pictures, 3 video's, 6 condensed books, interviews, maps etc If you want them, I can send its to you, just for nothing, it will be a gift from me