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  1. dfaraone

    6th army corps 57th signal battalion

    Hi Larry, You'll be happy to hear that my brother and I found the book (using the information you sent) at the Library of Congress which sent a copy to his local library in Arlington, VA. He has read it and has told me lots about it. I believe I can obtain a copy at a library here in Rhode Island. Meanwhile, I am still waiting to hear from GoldsWorth Books in UK where I am trying to purchase it. It has been truly awesome discovering all this new information. My brother and family are also indebted to you and have asked me to convey their thanks. I just tell them Larry is the best! I will keep you posted. Have a wonderful 4th of July! Sincerely, Dawn
  2. dfaraone

    6th army corps 57th signal battalion

    Dear Marion, Thank you for welcoming me into your family! Another member was kind enough to respond to me yesterday. I do have my father's service record along with photos and other information. When I figure out how to post the photos I will send them along with my other data. My computer skills are not the best and I will need some help from my teenage son to get that information to you. In the meantime, it would be a great surprise if someone out there knew him at all. I know the chances now are very slim and wish I found this website sooner! Again, thank you for the kind welcome. I am going to take some time now to read about your dad "Monday". I already know he raised a fine daughter who created this informative and really wonderful place for veterans and their families. Sincerely, Dawn Faraone
  3. I am looking for information regarding my father Themistocles (Tim) H. Faraone. He was a captain in the 6th Army Corps, 57th Signal Battalion and served in Northern Africa, Italy and other parts of Europe. He was a civil engineer and I believe served later in the Army Corps of Civil Engineers. He achieved the rank of colonel before he died in 1963. At that time I was three years old. I wonder if anyone out there knew him. Many thanks, Dawn Faraone