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    Bristol, England, UK
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    All things O.D.<br /><br />Particluar interest in:<br /><br />29th Inf Div<br />1278th ECB (5th Eng Bat)<br />38th Eng & Gen Serv Regt<br />158th Eng<br />164th Eng<br />505th Light pontoon Co.<br />

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  1. Stamper

    Howdy from the UK

    Hi my names Ade I live near Bristol in the S.W. of England. I have an avid interest in all things U.S. ETO. I've been collecting and conducting research on Engineering Regt based in Gloucestershire, England prior to D-Day. In particular those situated in and around the town of Stroud. I don't know whether any or all of the following units fell under VI Corps command (perhaps a learned member could point me straight) but these units are some on which i have found information (and some photos) and would be keen to share any info with forum members; 1278th ECB (5th Eng Regt) 158th Eng 164th Eng 38th Eng (Gen Serv) 505th Light Pontoon Co. 28th Cav Recon Sqd (Mech) 41st & 67th Evac Hosp I hope someone is able to help, perhaps i may be able to return the favour.