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  1. dusty

    1053rd Engineer Port Construction and Repair Group

    For JerryLH who posted 31 May 2016. Pittsburg probably refers to Pittsburg, California, which is N.E. of Oakland near the mouth of the Sacamento R.. This was the point of embarkation for the equipment. I know this from Dad's letters home during WW-2. He made 3 trips to Pittsburg CA in '43, ferrying 1054th equipment from Georgia. When the equipment was packed, the men went on to another port for overseas processing and shipment. That was Presidio Monterey for the 1054th, but that became the Army Language School near the end of the war. Hope this helps. Dusty
  2. dusty

    1053rd Engineer Port Construction and Repair Group

    Jason; The redesignation you refer to is probably derived from the soldier's mail address. The early PC&R Groups consisted of 4 sections, the HQ being incorporated into the 2 dock sections. All mail seems to have been addressed as Hq of Hq co (number PC&R Gr) http://users.bentonrea.com/~tinear/1054.htm My history of these units begins with the 1054, but contains some generic info that may interest you. I started with 1054 because my Dad was in it. But these early PC&R Groups were unusual and I intent to pursue the history of all of them. Keep in touch. Dusty