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    • CaptO, is that you in the back? Nice picture, you have been in a lot of organizations in your career, Dad was always in the 160th and some of the guys he remembers were with him from the time the 160th was formed until they left Austria.  I hope there are a few more people out there who can pick out their Dad's , Grandfathers, Uncles or friends in this photograph. There might even be someone who could remember a fellow engineer or two, let's hope.


      p.s.- Write it down, it might be valuable to someone soon.

      Glen Blasingim

    • Wow! I have a hard time remembering people I served with two years ago!

      I will say, however, I do remember guys from my platoon in Iraq a lot better than others - and that's been 13 years (hard to imagine it's been that long). I imagine that being with the same set of guys for 2-3 years would really sear details into your memory. I was only with my guys from 9 months.



    • Let's see how far we get on this. Fantastic!!!

    • This is a photograph of 160th Engineer Combat Battalion, Company B. By the ranks of some of the men in the photograph and by who is in it I estimate that it was taken late summer- early fall 1944. The first photograph is of Dad identifying some of his friends that he remembers after 72 years.

      I have numbered each man in the company photograph and have identified the ones that Dad remembered by number. If anyone can put a name to a face please add to the list.


         3  Blasingim, Edwin N., First Sgt., Chattanooga, Tenn.

        19 Rydelski, Chester P., Pfc., Erie, Penn

        23 Kallam, Thelbert O., Sgt., Stonefield, N.C.

        25 Rydelski, Joseph S., Pfc., Erie, Penn

        54 Baxter, Harold G., Tec 5, Pittsburgh, Penn

        79 Church, Ray L., Tec 4, Chicago, Illinois

        87 Turner, Roby D., Tec 5, Royboro, N.C.

        88 Bolek, Joseph W., Sgt., Hammond, Indiana

        89 Cannon, Harry A., Sgt. Nzssa, Oregon

        92 Wheeler, Gaither J., Ssgt., Tampa, Fla

        95 Miller, George J., Tec 4, Terrehaute, Indiana

        96 Korol, Benedick P., Pfc., Pittsburgh, Penn

        99 Anderson, Oscar G., Tec 5, Indianapolis, Indiana

      100 Krum, Irwin, Pfc., Philadelphia, Penn

      113 Mayes, Archie S., Major, Warrensburg, Mo

      114 Lybarger, Ernest W., 2Lt., Brooklyn, N.Y.









    • Wanted to share this funny video, Forrest Gump looking for Lt. Dan while Lt. Dan is playing with his band:



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