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    • Yesterday I recieved a surprising message from my old internet friend Jean Jacobsen: She's visiting Siegburg with her hubby Steve! So we went up the Michaelsberg to the rose garden, to the Nordfriedhof, where her father had to bring passed american POW to, the synagogue monument...
      Thanks to Marion
      who made this possible!


    • I have finally gotten duplicate medals from the Army to mount in my dad's flag display case. I would like to put them in in order of importance (if that's possible).

      They are: The American Defense Service Medal

                        European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal & Bronze Star attachment (quadruple) & Arrowhead

                        WWII Victory Medal

                        Army of Occupation Medal & Germany Clasp

                        Marksman Badge & Rifle Bar

                         Army Lapel Button

      Do I group the ribbons together with the medals underneath them, or do I display each ribbon with its corresponding medal?

      Finally, although my father was wounded twice, the Purple Heart was not listed on his DD214, nor in the TACOM list. Anybody have insight into this? Do I need to make a separate inquiry for the Purple Heart?


      Thanks for all your help.



    • A couple of years ago my wife Christine and I were doing research at the Corps of Engineers History Museum at Fort Belvoir.  The curator, Eric Reinert, suggested that he had helped another lady with similar interests and we really ought to contact her.  You might be ready to guess that he was referring to Marion Chard.

      My daughter of the 93rd Engineers did, indeed, share a passion with the daughter of the 6th Corps Combat Engineers.  Marion put up a link to our website, www.93regimentalcan.com and we put up one to hers.  We've been checking in and enjoying this site regularly every since.  And we're relieved to see everything back on line after the recent server problems.

      Chris and my website is dedicated to the three segregated black general service engineering regiments who suffered, sometimes died and always lived with vicious discrimination while they did their part to push 1400 miles of Alaska Highway through the Northern Rockies in just eight months in 1942. Our book, We Fought the Road, will be published by Epicenter Press early this fall, and we are going back to the road for a publicity tour in just two weeks. I contacted Marion today and asked her permission to share this post with you, and she graciously agreed.

      I promised her, and I promise you, not to fill your screen with promotional material.  But if you are interested, we will be blogging on Facebook. Search for Christine and Dennis McClure and you'll find our author page with multiple links to the website.  If you're interested, please follow us.  We also have an author page on Amazon--search for either Dennis McClure or Christine McClure.  And, of course, you are always welcome on www.93regimentalcan.com.

      Thank you again, Marion for your fine site and for this opportunity.

    • Looks cool! I wonder how he will be portrayed. The trailer doesn't really give you a solid idea.

      So Brian Cox will now have played:

      • Leon Trotsky
      • Hermann Göring
      • Winston Churchill

      Oh, and Dr. Hannibal Lecktor!!

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      The Forum is back!!!!   05/11/17

      Oh my gosh, can't tell you what a relief it is to have our forum back. I am simply beside myself with joy! Many of you know, but just as many do not, that I experienced a severe server crash, two weeks ago today. I therefore "temporarily lost" ALL my websites, including the VI Corps main site, this forum, No Bridge Too Far, the VI Corps Jukebox and more than a dozen client sites... Without going into all the gory details, I had to purchase a new server, then start all over from scratch. I did have backups of all the sites, but it's been a real ordeal setting up the server, then one by one, reinstalling each site. I'm almost there, but still have a ways to go, but just got the forum back online, on May 11, 2017 at 12:22. I'm hoping to have the VI Corps main site back by the weekend.  And yes, I am aware of several minor problems, including the fact that if you hit the HOME button, it takes you to a "screwy" page. What's up with that??? And I'm also aware that you cannot pull up the emoticons, etc. Working away to try and get these bugs, sorted out! 

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