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    Hello all First off, thanks for this great site! Alot of great information. I am the son of 207th Co A Combat Engineer John Peltonen who served 1943 -1945 in Europe. His occupation specialty was Utility Repairman 121 He is from Rock Michigan. I have his Enlisted Record and Report of Seperation. I was able to request and recieve his service medals. These are the only pictures I have of him while serving in the Army. The first picture is my Dad on the left boxing with another soldier. The back of the photo says: "Campout side of Spa, Belgium fall of 1944 R&R Norman Snead Louisa, Virginia.(Name of the other soldier) Second picture is my Dad and "PFC Mike Kovacich Co H&S 553rd Engineers Hu.Pon.Bn from Niagra Falls NY Picture was taken October 1943 Austin Tx" when they were training at Camp Swift Tx. Third picture is my Dad on guard in Frankfurt Germany 1945, taken a week before sailing for the U.S.A Dad wasn't much of a talker, he didn't talk about his time in the Army until late in his life and then not much detail. Looking to find what he and his platoon went through during his service.
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    Hi All, Thank goodness for this forum. I am researching my great-uncle Harold Lorn Martin. He was involved with the 133rd Engineers from May 1942-August 1942 before an honorable discharge. Unfortunately, the exposure and experience of the War forever left its mark on him, and he committed suicide on April 25, 1948. I want to better understand what he went through in 1942 as part of the engineers. I cannot seem to find anyone else in the entire span of the internet talking about the 133rd, so THANK YOU for all of your help in advance. Any leads, any experiences that you can share would be so helpful. I'm already so grateful for the diary entry shared as part of this post. Sincerely - Molly
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    This is an absolutely incredible find. Thank you for sharing!
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    Good day. Thanks for the add. I’m the maternal great nephew of Ralph Patterson who died in Europe in April 1945. I have no info on his service other than that. Hoping being a part of this group will add to enlightenment. Have a great day.
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    159th Combat Engineers Bn WWII

    Welcome to the forum, certainly glad to have you aboard here with us ! Be sure to type in the "159th" in the search box to see past posts about this unit on the forum. I believe this is your great uncle's headstone, killed just one week before the end the end of the war in Europe. Very sad Field Title Value Meaning ARMY SERIAL NUMBER 34820631 34820631 NAME PATTERSON#RALPH######### PATTERSON#RALPH######### RESIDENCE: STATE 43 GEORGIA RESIDENCE: COUNTY 111 FANNIN PLACE OF ENLISTMENT 4344 FT MCPHERSON ATLANTA GEORGIA DATE OF ENLISTMENT DAY 11 11 DATE OF ENLISTMENT MONTH 05 05 DATE OF ENLISTMENT YEAR 43 43 GRADE: ALPHA DESIGNATION PVT# Private GRADE: CODE 8 Private BRANCH: ALPHA DESIGNATION NO# No branch assignment BRANCH: CODE 02 No branch assignment FIELD USE AS DESIRED # # TERM OF ENLISTMENT 5 Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law LONGEVITY ### ### SOURCE OF ARMY PERSONNEL 0 Civil Life NATIVITY 43 GEORGIA YEAR OF BIRTH 24 24 RACE AND CITIZENSHIP 1 White, citizen EDUCATION 0 Grammar school CIVILIAN OCCUPATION 316 Farm hands, general farms MARITAL STATUS 6 Single, without dependents COMPONENT OF THE ARMY 7 Selectees (Enlisted Men) CARD NUMBER # # BOX NUMBER 0853 0853 FILM REEL NUMBER 3.275 3.275 Also believe this is your great uncle in the WWII Enlistment Records, hope this has helped you some. Having his service number and date of enlistment can be very helpful in finding other records. Good luck with your search! Randy
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    Walt's Daughter

    Normandy D-Day

    I ask on this day that you not only remember all the men who made sacrifices on this day in history, but please do not forget all those who were already fighting in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Greece, etc. Many units, such as my dad's regiment, the 540th, had been engaged since 1942. There were many D-Days around the world including numerous campaigns in the Pacific. Here's to all of them! Thank you!